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Land Art

Simon Beck 4

We are having the best blizzard today – it’s those big, juicy flakes that are just perfect for snowball fights.  Oddly NYers don’t exactly appreciate being pelted in the face by wide-eyed strangers.  I have to admit, I do go a little bit foamy around the mouth when it snows.

Walking to work was a bit of a challenge sans snow shoes, but it did make me think of snow artist Simon Beck who creates these elaborate patterns in the snow in France.

The “land art” movement started in the 60s and gives artists a way to interact with nature while also being a pretty convenient cover for smoking pot in the woods.

I particularly love the snowball installation that seems to capture snowballs in flight by Cornelia Konrads – check it out with others …AFTER THE JUMP!


A State of Emergency

It’s snowing outside, folks, and you know what that means?  WIDESPREAD PANIC BECAUSE WET MELTY THINGS ARE FALLING FROM THE SKY!  IT BURNNNNS!

We’re due to get up to a foot of snow, but I can’t take a storm named “Janus” seriously.  Come and get me Janus.  I’ll be the one in her pj’s guzzling DayQuil and enjoying the winter scene outside her window.

Besides, if I were to panic, bread, milk, and tp would not be on my emergency shopping list.  To all you people out there looting the grocery store, just leave me some Twizzlers, a rotisserie chicken, and any Redbox movies featuring Hugh Grant.  What’s on your list?

Be careful out there, folks.


Living in the Clouds

Living in the Clouds

It has been super foggy in NYC this week, which I love.  Walking down wet sidewalks with cool air on your face feels soooo Bogart and Bergman in the last scene of Casablanca.  (I could probably romanticize a colonoscopy, so bear that in mind.)

This photo was taken by Instagram user @amtraver as she flew into NYC yesterday morning, and it just made me think – there is always sun beyond the clouds, and beauty in them, too.


Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Snowflake 9

Snow is awesome in my book.  I like going for walks in it, eating it, throwing it, watching it, and rolling in it.  Once in college, I even had sex in it – a moment I …READ MORE!


Ice Ice, Baby

The best YouTube videos, in my opinion, contain at least 2 of the following things:

  1. Foley-quality sound effects.
  2. Babies discovering things.
  3. Gnomes.

You’re welcome for this video that has all three.

Now, Mother Nature, if I may gently remind you that NYC is not the Pacific Northwest and we don’t appreciate the fog and rain, BRING ME SOME SNOW.

(Via Gawker)


Winter is Coming!

Driving in Rain 1

We got our first “snow” this morning in NYC, but truth be told, it looked suspiciously like rain.  The effect on my hair was the same (frizzy) and on my feet (wet ballet flats), but it gives me hope that winter is finally coming.  I love winter.  There, I said it – the one thing which no NYer must ever speak aloud.  But, in my defense, it’s the one season when my body looks seasonally appropriate buried under all these layers of clothes.

So yippee to the first snow-rain of the season!  We’ll celebrate with these oil paintings of driving through rain.  It is almost impossible to believe they aren’t photographs!  Kinda makes me love rain, too. …CHECK THEM OUT AFTER THE JUMP!


Fall For Me


Can anyone out there tell me whether it is fall anywhere???  It’s still so warm here that I haven’t been able to switch over to cold-weather drinks at Starbucks yet.  In case you don’t fully understand the weight of what I’m saying – they already have their RED CHRISTMAS CUPS out.  The universe is terrifyingly out of sync.  Billy Bob Thornton’s marriage to Angelina Jolie was probably an early indicator.

So once again, in lieu of actual weather, I give you web weather.  Mother Nature, when you’re not being such a hussy, you’re pretty unbelievably gorgeous. Some stunning photos from all seasons to feed your need for a little eye candy this week …AFTER THE JUMP