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Squeezing Melons

Love You Banner

Ever since middle school when we could buy carnations and have them delivered during homeroom to our paramours, I’ve kind of loved Valentine’s Day.   A gift of carnations (even in those ungodly, unnatural hues they seem to come in) says “you are JUST sexually desirable enough that a man may some day take you for a steak dinner.”

This year I might go to the grocery store on Thursday to fondle some melons and see if that spikes the interest of any single guys on the prowl at Key Foods.

What are you planning to do?  Get drunk and call your exes?

(Photo Source: Be Crafty)


Mad Love

Love Mad Lib

It’s February.  The scent of Valentines and desperation in the air is making me amorous.  I am Wookin’ Pa Nub, baby.

So why not have a little fun with this Mad Libs love story printable.  To this day, I still love Mad Libs.  There’s nothing funnier than inappropriate verb usage, amiright?!

Have fun with this downloadable Mad Lib or why not make up your own?
I’d love to hear one of your favorite love stories in the comments below!