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Mad Men/90210 Match-Up


In honor of Sunday night’s Mad Men finale (no spoilers, I promise), I’d like to revisit the genius Flavorwire article that matched Mad Men characters to their Beverly Hills, 90210 equivalents.  The similarities are downright uncanny.  Moral of the story = there are no original ideas left in Hollywood.

And so I am going to write an HBO drama about 42nd Street in the 1920s.  It will explore the culture of Broadway and prostitution in the early 20th century, while drawing emotional parallels with the Saturday morning cartoon Care Bears.  Angelina Jolie will play the role of Tenderheart Bear, the red light madame with a heart of gold.  Somebody get me an agent. More of my favorite Mad Men/90210 match-ups after the jump!


What’s Love Got to Do with It?

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Christmas has come early, ladies (and some gentlemen, I’m sure).  If you haven’t heard already – Scott Foley is going to be returning to ABC’s hit drama Scandal as a regular next season.  I think I speak on behalf of all people everywhere when I say – Scott, I’m not really that creeped out by the surveillance control room in your apartment that you use to watch your girlfriend.  Call me.

Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, and Scott Foley have, quite possibly, some of the best on-screen chemistry of all tv time, but they’ve got some pretty stiff competition (too much with the pun?).  Here’s my Top 11 List …AFTER THE JUMP!


Me and You, and You and Me

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So two of my favorite things collided in the most unexpected way yesterday READ MORE…