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A Relationship Wilderness Test


My husband and I are spending our first year of marriage traveling the world.  A twelve-month honeymoon, of sorts…

Taking a trip like this with another person means you have to trust and love them – even when their breath smells and their underwear is dirty. Because you have been on a bus for 30 hours together and are covered head to toe in bug bites, you realize that the superficial stuff just doesn’t matter. You find yourself balancing perilously above a roadside toilet and suddenly having the door shut seems low priority. You will find that you both have dirty fingernails but are still holding hands. Continue reading


What Are You Packing?


I made a crucial mistake when planning to travel abroad for a year. FIND OUT WHAT – AFTER THE JUMP!


Why the Airport is Heaven on Earth

Pink Airplane

Airports get an unfair reputation – but besides the foul-smelling feet in 15D and the accusatory TSA agent, I’m a little confused why. Sure, having to re-mortgage your house to pay those baggage fees is annoying…and traveling with that friend who requires horse tranquilizers to board a regional shuttle is a challenge.  Oy, and your mom who is so nervous about losing her boarding pass that she buries it in her giant purse at the bottom of the abyss and then panics that she’s lost it EVERY 5 MINUTES.

But, hey, all that aside, the airport is essentially an adult playground. For starters, it is absolutely the best excuse to …MORE AFTER THE JUMP!


How to Fall in Love in 12 Hours


When you’re stuck in Paris for 12 hours, the tragedy is not that you’re stuck in Paris, but that you’re only “stuck” there for 12 measly hours. Find out my secrets for falling in love with any city in 12 hours or less – after the jump!


Take a Walk on the Wild Side

2014.04.28 _ Street Food 5

As if I have the world’s most indestructible digestive system, I’ve always been attracted to street food. After living in South America for a few months, I’ve learned that street food is an art that was perfected here… More about living on the edge (and eating alpaca pizza) after the jump!


The Path of the Gods

The Path of the Gods

Back in October, I visited family in Piano Di Sorrento, Italy, the city from which my great-grandfather had immigrated. Before I left, I did the requisite research on everything I could possibly see and do there, and the one thing that kept popping up was this hiking path through the mountains of Amalfi. It was called “The Path of the Gods.” Naturally, I was intrigued. …GORGEOUS PHOTOS (AND 5 BRITISH GIRLS) AFTER THE JUMP!


Is it Stealing?

Hotel Soap

Anyone who’s been backpacking knows that your bag is always heavier on the return-trip after being stuffed with cheap cigarettes and tacky souvenirs for coworkers you don’t really like. I’ve long-since given up on the tacky souvenirs (which just end up at the back of bookshelves anyway). I now opt for a different kind of souvenir– the kind you don’t generally pay for… See what we mean…after the jump!


Go Someplace

Daila Lama Quote

Do you ever get so locked into your routine – work, kids, bocce tournaments  – that you don’t always prioritize travel?  Does that bother you or are you happy to be a bug in a rug at home?

Travel, for me these days, means a trip to the Bronx Zoo or a mall in New Jersey!  For someone who used to travel a TON – I feel like I’m missing something really valuable by living in such a dinky radius .  I often feel like I should just be roaming the planet like this guy, except I’m in my 30s and I like clean toilets and room service.  (To be fair – the outer boroughs and continental Europe are probably equidistant from my apartment).

If you’re a wanderer like I am, how do you balance it with the rest of your life?  This feels like an important deal for me to strike in my life right now, and I’d love your suggestions (or your airline miles).

“To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.” – Aldous Huxley


It’s For the Birds!

Airbnb Bird House 10

I have always loved miniature things – like the little cassette tapes that go in old answering machines and burger sliders.  I didn’t know until today that I also like …READ MORE!


Around the World in 5 Years

I Want to Travel Around the World

Your midweek kick-in-the-pants here!  A 24 year-old kid from the UK just spent the last 5 years traveling to EVERY COUNTRY ON THE PLANET.  I am impressed/shamed by him.  When I was 24, I was in a dead-end job with a desk in the supply closet, flirting with men who were entirely too old for me, and frequently missing my rent payments.

But not this guy!  Over the course of 5 years, James Asquith traveled to 196 countries, taking odd jobs here and there to cover the costs of travel.  What does it cost to visit every country in the world?  By his count, nearly …READ MORE!