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It’s Bath Time!

When I get my haircut there’s one step I look forward to more than anything – the shampoo bowl.  More specifically, the shampoo girl with the long acrylic nails.  She gives the best damn lather this side of the Mississippi River, and I love her for every second of it with a blissed out grin on my face.  I knew a girl in college who gave particularly awesome head massages, too – usually after a joint and a round at the archery range (not always in that order).  God, I miss sophomore year.

So when I saw this video of newborn twins taking a bath, it was all clear to me – some of us are just born to love a good rinse.  A maternity nurse in Paris named Sonia Rochel invented a technique that involves running water over babies faces to make them mimic how they moved in the womb.  Check out these newborn twins taking a bath together and clinging to each other as they would have before birth.  At about 1:05, the cuteness reaches epic, call-your-mom-and-sob-from-joy proportions.

Now just imagine that this is what I look like in the shampoo chair.

(via Cup of Jo)