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A Wu-Tang Rap About Science


Awhile back I talked about Christopher Emdin, a NYC teacher, who was doing some really cool work with students – using free-style rap as a vehicle to engage students in the sciences and build self-esteem.  Read the article – it’s super cool.  I often dream about starting a school like this – one that uses arts across all disciplines – and has a bomb hot lunch counter.

One of Emdin’s collaborators in the pilot project is GZA of Wu-Tang clan (yep, THAT clan), who has been working on his own album about the cosmos.  Behold – finally a Wu-Tang rap video that’s safe for your children – GZA raps about the Big Bang: …AFTER THE JUMP!


Rappers and Cereal


Move over energy drinks, sneakers, cars, and cosmetics.  The only endorsement rappers want?  Kellogg’s.

Jacob the Jeweler, the King of Bling, has been icing rappers for years, but Rappers and Cereal – the tumblr blog “where beats & breakfast meet” – is where they’re goin’ for the real sugar.

Hungry?  Grab some Snoop Loops and Mackle S’Mores.  And if you’re feeling creative, check out the tumblr where you can actually make your own rapper/cereal mash-up!

Oh yeahhhh, the cereal aisle just got crunk.  …My favorite posters after the jump (warning: dirty language)!