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When Love Arrives

Sarah Kay - Ocean

I have recently developed a serious obsession with spoken word poetry. It’s ironic because – if you think about it – poetry is all around us – in music lyrics, subway ads, first dates, and last sunsets.  If you think you don’t like poetry, watch this piece by Sarah Kay.  You’ll realize your life has been poetry all along.



Microphone Pop Art

I know poetry readings can be super uncomfortable.  Like being forced to sit through the public reading of a stranger’s very private diary.  From when they were 12.  And discovered masturbation.

But when done well, it can make you want to whoop from your seat like a Pentacostal in a tent revival.  This is one of those done-wells – about hope, mackin’ like Jay-Z, and being a crush-monster for love.

Happy Monday morning, everyone!

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An Ordinary Life

Life Magazine Logo

I know there are a million and one theories about what makes a happy person happy.  For me, personally, I think it has a lot to do with the ability to find satisfaction in the ordinary that frees up my brain  to dream beyond it.  So much of what I find wonderful about life is pretty pedestrian – like I get really, really excited about …find out AFTER THE JUMP!


A Prayer to What is Empty

Vermeer Quote

I’m really digging this verse from the poem “Vermeer” right now.   2014 is all about blank slates and being open for me, so I love the idea of a “prayer to what is empty” – because what is empty can be made full again, right?  Speaking of empty, lunch time.

What’s currently inspiring you?

(Photo Source: US National Archives)


Tramp Stamps

Confetti and Red Shoes

I spend a fair amount of time pretending I’m going to get a tattoo.  It’s basically a part-time job – I research designs, I bookmark tattoo parlors, and I keep an eye peeled for lines of poetry that resonate with me.

One of my favorite poets (ok, ok, the only one I actually know) is E.E. Cummings, and I love his poem, “I Carry Your Heart” – specifically, the line:

i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart).

I’ve thought about having that tattooed near my ribcage, but then I remember I’m not Rihanna.  Also I’m not that comfortable with the fact that I first heard the poem in a Cameron Diaz movie.

Also, I’m a good girl from the Midwest whose mom taught her that tattoos were naughty.  (I so want to be baaaad.)  Do you have any tattoos?  Have you ever regretted it?  (Chinese tramp stamp from college, perhaps?)

Would love your ideas – am trying to work up the courage!

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Pop-Up Poets


“You have the right to remain sexy,” Jon Sands says.  “To name a new dance move after every-thing-you-do,” he continues.

He’s just one member of …READ MORE!


The Art of Living with Anxiety


When I was little, I made my parents check my stuffed animals for hidden bombs at bedtime.  In high school, I was obsessive about wearing clean pants.  And in college, I had to inspect every electrical outlet in my apartment before I could fall sleep at night.  I was Jack Nicholson in the movie As Good as It Gets. And I am one of the lucky ones. …READ MORE!