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Perfect Strangers

Renaldi 1

This one makes me feel all squishy inside.

I’ve talked before about the power of touch and small intimacies between strangers.  But while I was simply lamenting the absence of physical contact in my life (a clear indication that I am going to die alone surrounded by ficus plants), someone else was actually doing something amazing about it. …READ MORE!


Echolilia – Autism in Photographs

Autistic Son 1

It can be hard to communicate, even for two people who speak the same language.  For Timothy Archibald, it was nearly impossible to communicate with his own son.  …READ MORE!


Life in Miniature

BusIn an age when we can make new experiences feel old with a vintage filter in Instagram, it seems we are constantly searching for ways to make our lives feel more memorable.  But did you ever consider that all you really need is some pocket change and a sense of humor? …READ MORE!


Love in Lights

01Mark-900x675When I was staying in Paris, I loved to stroll up and down the Boulevard de Clichy snapping pictures of the neon signs in the front windows of sex shops. Neon art walks that fine line between fun and trashy – and I kinda love it. Here are a few signs that I think would make great computer wallpaper.  Or just help you relive that glorious night you spent with the rodeo cowboy at the Motel 6 with the vibrating beds and the buzzing vacancy sign outside the window.  No one’s judging.

PS – All my fellow Badgers – you’ll know which sign is for you!  READ MORE!


Jump! Jump!


I am the very definition of a couch potato.  I am the person for whom the 24-hour news cycle was invented because I have a superhuman tolerance for bad tv.  So last night I was elbow-deep in a bag of pretzels, watching Netflix, when I stumbled upon the Red Bull Illume Photography Contest.  The contest recognizes the best in action photography every 3 years, (but does not, as I understand it, include extreme web surfing – a sport in which I would gold medal).  Later this week it will be announcing its top 50 finalists in Hong Kong.  …The photos are dope – here’s a little taster!


Dancers Among Us


I think I’m what you would call a “dance enthusiast.”  I do Zumba dvd’s in my living room.  I’ve loved dance since I saw Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Broadway show “Cats” as a little girl.  (Singing cats are the portal to so many things, n’est-ce pas?)  And if I could be any kind of athlete – let’s be clear, I can’t because I’m just not aerodynamic – I would be a dancer.  I was born for leg warmers and costume changes.

So obviously I love Jordan Matter’s series, Dancers Among Us, which captures dancers bringing everyday moments to life.  (We’ve all gone into the jete splits after a good shopping spree, am I right?!).  …The photo of the guy in the shower is amahhhh-zing. READ MORE!


When Life Gives You Lemons


Say cheese!  Or should I say, pucker up!  Thank you Twisted Sifter for introducing me to this adorable series of babies tasting lemons for the first time.  I didn’t realize this is an internet “thing” – like cat videos or the honey badger, only slightly more likely to draw the attention of Child Protective Services.  Internet 1: Tanya 0.  And how am I ten million views late on the instant happiness that is this video of babies tasting lemons?  Blogger card revoked. …MY FAVE PHOTOS AFTER THE JUMP!


The Art of Living with Anxiety


When I was little, I made my parents check my stuffed animals for hidden bombs at bedtime.  In high school, I was obsessive about wearing clean pants.  And in college, I had to inspect every electrical outlet in my apartment before I could fall sleep at night.  I was Jack Nicholson in the movie As Good as It Gets. And I am one of the lucky ones. …READ MORE!


To Grandmother’s House We Go!


Growing up, the kitchen was the heartbeat of our house.  You could probably map the life of our family by the spines of the cookbooks, just like you would read the age of a tree by its rings.

My mom cooked because she found joy in feeding her family, and she could make a Michelin meal on a hot plate if she had to.  We are Hungarian, but she cooked like she was Creole and filled plates like she was Italian.

It makes me smile to know that the world is full of women like her.  Gabriele Galimberte traveled the world photographing them for his series “Delicatessen with Love,” which …READ MORE!


Specks of Sand

Photo Source: Marcelo Salvador

Photo Source: Marcelo Salvador

About 100 times a day, I’m reminded of my resounding inferiority.  My thighs chafe in the summer, I failed college economics twice, and I can’t beat my nephews at Temple Run.  So it’s just par for the course that today 15,500 other people have also proven just how much better they are at …READ MORE!