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Jamie Tworkowski Quote

I love this quote.  Let’s all be that “other person” today – a screaming invitation to believe better things.  Sure, the cronut made me believe in better things.  Dry shampoo made me believe in better things.  But 3 year-old Emily makes me believe in better people.

I had a big ole lump in my throat watching her video.  The bottom line – if you have a lot of something, don’t hold onto to it – give it away to someone who needs it more.  See her beautiful story …after the jump!


Big Softie


What is it about math teachers.  The story after the jump will make you melt!


Matt and Ben

Just two buddies poking fun at each other for charity.  Gotta love ‘em.

(Matt wins for the Gigli jab.)

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12 Days of Giving

Give a Gift That Counts

We’re on the final countdown to Christmas, so – if you haven’t already – it’s a good time to start thinking about whether you might like to donate this holiday season.  I know many of you volunteer at food banks, collect coats for the homeless, and purchase toys for children – and I love that!  But on the off-chance you’re still looking for ways to do something for others, it couldn’t be easier than with Google’s Twelve Days of Giving.  Click here to visit their Twelve Days of Giving website to make quick and easy donations to a great variety of organizations that need your support – Google reveals one organization a day for 12 days with easy access to information about the charity and what your cold hard cash will do.

And if you’d like to up your charitable giving throughout the year, check out the One Today app by Google, as well!

Also, if you’d like to donate a fruitcake to me, well, don’t.

Ready, Set, Go (best synth ever):

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The Tutu Project

Tutu Project 2

This guy had me at “tutu.”  Meet Bob.  Bob began photographing himself in a pink tutu 9 years ago and hasn’t stopped since.  Not because he harbors secret hopes of becoming a bunhead, but because …READ MORE!