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Easy on the Eyes

Roerich - NY State of Unwind

What do you get when a Russian, a mystic, and an artist walk into a room? - Find out after the jump!


Body Painting

Body Painting 7

Normally when I think of body painting, I think of naked shot girls wearing painted “bikinis” in an Ibiza nightclub.  But world champion body painting artist, Johannes Stoetter, uses paint in a way that won’t get you drunk but will make you look a little closer.

Check out her perception-bending works of art AFTER THE JUMP!


Winter is Coming!

Driving in Rain 1

We got our first “snow” this morning in NYC, but truth be told, it looked suspiciously like rain.  The effect on my hair was the same (frizzy) and on my feet (wet ballet flats), but it gives me hope that winter is finally coming.  I love winter.  There, I said it – the one thing which no NYer must ever speak aloud.  But, in my defense, it’s the one season when my body looks seasonally appropriate buried under all these layers of clothes.

So yippee to the first snow-rain of the season!  We’ll celebrate with these oil paintings of driving through rain.  It is almost impossible to believe they aren’t photographs!  Kinda makes me love rain, too. …CHECK THEM OUT AFTER THE JUMP!


I’ve Got the Whole World in My Hands

SBS Documentary 3

It’s fair to say that I don’t understand technology.  I don’t understand how phones, computers, or electricity work.  I don’t even really understand vending machines.

So when we start talking about paintings with 3D effects, I put my crayons down and give up. All I know is that it looks super cool. …READ MORE!