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Country Music Confessions

Cowboy Boots

You know that here at The Wonderist we’re all about good storytelling that hits you right in the feels, yeah?  So this is why I need to talk to you about your tight blue jeans… MORE AFTER THE JUMP AND OUR COUNTRY MUSIC PLAYLIST!


Just Say Yes!


When my mom invited me to a drum circle, hosted by her 92 year-old friend, I had a moment of revelation.

This revelation involved the ThighMaster…MORE after the jump!


Swing from the Chandelier


Happy Monday!  Wanted to share with you a song I am loving right now.  This oughta be enough to get you out of bed on this Monday morning (leotard and wig not required).

The video reminds me of how – as kids – we played pretend all the time.  We were astronauts, pop stars, and doctors.  Ballerinas, athletes, and explorers.  We’d go whole hog into character, healing friends with toy stethoscopes and taking slow, giant steps on the moon – with so much conviction that one day it wouldn’t be pretend anymore, it’d be real.

I think Sia’s new video does a beautiful job capturing all that energy and hope.  And, besides, us grown-ups would all benefit from a little pretend now and then.

Have a great week, my astronauts.  Let’s swing from the chandeliers, shall we? My Monday anthem after the jump!


I’m Yours

This week’s Ha-Ha Moment is this adorable kid singing I’m Yours by Jason Mraz.  He might not know any of the words, but what he doesn’t know, he communicates with his face and his tongue.  Gene Simmons better sleep with one eye open.

And here’s the real song, if you don’t already know it – a sweet midweek jam:


You’re Driving Me Up the Wall!


As if it weren’t already hard enough to get an acting gig, now you need to be able to do it suspended from the sides of tall buildings.  Check out this gorgeous short video of artists, musicians, and dancers performing live from the walls of a cathedral in Italy.  …AFTER THE JUMP!


Ain’t He Sweet

You know what you do when you have more money than you can wave a finger at?  Entertain people on your ukulele.

Your weekly Moment of Zen: Warren Buffett putting his spin on The Beatles’ “Ain’t She Sweet” yesterday on The Today Show.  An 83 year-old playing the ukulele is pretty darn cute.  Why’d he learn to play?  To impress a girl in college, of course.  (It didn’t work.  But he has sacks and sacks of money now, so who cares.)

(via Today Show)


This Guy’s Anything But a Creep

Meet Joe Ardizzone, the bartender at a piano bar in NYC who stepped up to the mic at closing time and did THIS.  It makes me happy to know that there’s talent like this living among us.  If he can do this after a full shift shouting at customers and slinging Alabama Slammers, he has earned a recording deal in my mind.

I have lots of angsty Radiohead memories from college – most involve me getting dumped – yet Ardizzone somehow made the song sound refined, like something you’d listen to in front of the fireplace with a glass of Pappy Van Winkle.

What do you think – do you like his version?


Car-to-Car Sing-Alongs

You know you sing in your car.  I’ve seen you do it.  (I’ve also seen you pick your nose at the stoplight.  Why do you think your Ford Taurus is an invisibility cloak?!)

But have you ever considered that you don’t have to car-sing alone?

Check out this video from TJ Smith who filmed a highway sing-along with fellow drivers of feel-good favorite, Build Me Up Buttercup.  It will make you love people (especially the ones in minivans).


A Garden Full of Music

The Plant WhispererI sometimes daydream about swapping my square footage in the city for a square acre in the country, and yet I never could have thunk up this charming garden retreat or the motivation behind it.  Meet Mileece Petre, a real-life garden gnome. …READ MORE!


The Girl Power Playlist


I’m big into Girl Power.  (Not the Spice Girls in short skirts kind, but the Lillith Fair kind.)  I was one of thousands of women at those concerts screaming “I’m a Bitch” with Meredith Brooks (even though I swear I’m totally not and don’t advocate being one).  I love a good songstress – especially schmoopy ones who make me cry.

So I’m pumped that Ted released …READ MORE!