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Is it Christmas Yet?


I can tell you right now exactly where I will be on Christmas Day.  …READ MORE!


The Magic of Movies

Photo Source: J.R. Eyerman in 1952

Good morning!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend!  I finished re-reading “The Great Gatsby,” (brushing up before I see the movie) – I can’t wait for the costumes, the music, and the scenery!  The only other things that get me this excited are carbohydrates and sweatpants. 

I’ve been going to the movies since I was little; I worked in a movie theater in high school; and then, well, I became a filmmaker. There were several detours in between (I was a particularly bad secretary once) – but the one constant has been movies. For me, film is sanctuary, prozac, muse, palate cleanser, and eye candy.  (And piggy bank breaker.)  When the lights are dimmed, when the audience grows still, and when the projector casts a faint glow on the backs of the heads in front of you – it’s just one of those rare moments when a roomful of strangers is suspended inside of a moment together.  As someone who often sees movies alone, I think there’s something really beautiful about that shared inhale.  Then for 90 minutes, we laugh, cry or hide in our friends’ sleeves – drawn in, held, and then released – together.  I don’t know what else to call that but magic.

Here are some great quotes about the magic of movies from some of the world’s favorite filmmakers!