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This week’s Moment of Zen – my favorite scene from Dead Poets Society and another reminder how special the work of teachers is. (And how much cuter Ethan Hawke is now than he was in 1989.)

I dream of being able to …TO BE CONTINUED…(AFTER THE JUMP!)



I’m going to go ahead and call it – this is going to make my list of favorite videos of 2014.

It’s like this: 7 dudes in the Mexican jungle are hunting the perfect waterfall.  When I tell you that the POV shots of them kayaking through rough waters and being launched over waterfalls is breathtaking, I mean just that.  You will stop breathing.  This is so sumptuously filmed that you’ll imagine you feel the jungle mist on your face.

I give you this week’s Moment of Zen – Cascada.  Makes me want to get out from behind this desk!

(I recommend viewing in full screen here.)

Favorite line – “Athletes, artists – the line between the two is gone now.”


Making Waves

Time for your midweek moment of zen!  You have to look at this in full-screen or the only thing it’s going to do is make you need to pee.

In full screen, however, I can almost see that time a friend and I came across a gorgeous waterfall on a summer hike.  He jumped right into the water for a swim while I remained safely perched on a nearby rock – because everyone knows there are special parasites in water that only eat the brains of nubile 24 year-old women.  Just as I started to get really worried about who was going to give me a piggyback ride back up the mountain if he didn’t come back, he returned with some tall tale about lesbians he saw having sex just beyond the tower of rocks I was resting on.

I can’t promise you there are any lesbians having sex on the other side of these rocks, but I invite you to imagine whatever the hell you want.  It’s YOUR moment of zen, after all.

Thank you, Caribbean, for being the most gorgeous place to recharge one’s batteries.  And also for the water slide at Señor Frog’s.



Snow Projector Image

Time for your midweek moment of Zen!

I look forward to cold weather like most people look forward to Spring Break at Señor Frogs.  But it’s November 6th, and I haven’t even retired my flip-flops for the year, so I’ve simply begun enjoying winter vicariously through the web.

Last year during Winter Storm Nemo (cuddliest name ever for a blizzard), Brian Maffitt had the idea to project a film out into the snowfall and record it.  Assuming a children’s movie would give a nice selection of saturated colors, he chose The Lorax.  The results are really kind of stunning.  …CHECK THEM OUT AFTER THE JUMP!


Beach Boy

Photo Source:

Photo Source: Gray Malin

For your midweek moment of Zen – doesn’t this photo just make you want to dig your toes into some sand and let the cabana boy do your back?  For his series À la Plage, À la Piscine, Gray Malin traveled all over the world, dangling from doorless helicopters, to capture diverse beach scenes from above.  I love how the beach umbrellas look like candy (mmm, candy).  Check out more of the series over on Twisted Sifter – my favorites are Bondi Beach, the nude beach (for the waves, I swear!), and the Hamptons.  What are yours?