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Carnival of Venice, Italy 2012

Happy Fat Tuesday!  I’ve never really known much about Mardi Gras beyond the boobs, booze, and Zulu coconuts, but I do love a good reason to play dress-up!

Because this is a family show here on The Wonderist, I thought I’d get in the carnival mood and share some photos of – quite possibly – the classiest party of all time, the Carnival of Venice.

The elaborate masks became very popular in the 1700s – a time of decadence and “erotic revelry” in Italy.  (Sound a little Eyes Wide Shut, anyone?!)  But more importantly, they celebrate with something called Pancake Day.  I’m emigrating.

If masks freak you out, do what I’m doing and pretend they’re all David Bowie. Check out the stunning costumes after the jump!