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Totes McGotes

In case you haven’t seen the latest commercials from Sprint, I had to share this.  (And, really, why would you have.  Only desperados like me with empty DVR’s watch shows in real-time with ads.)  The 16 year-old girl in me can’t help but giggle every time James Earl Jones says “totes mcgotes” – or when Malcolm McDowell says “he’s the hottest hottie that ever hottied.”


Interrobang Me

Grammar Someecards

While “interrobang” and the “sarcmark” may sound like new nightclubs in Berlin, they are, in fact, …READ MORE!


Shakespeare vs. The Kardashians – An Epic Showdown


Last week, “twerk,” “food baby,” and “selfie” were admitted into the Oxford Dictionary.

That settles it – English is dead. It has gone the way of parachute pants, Orange Julius, and Teddy Ruxpin and will now only be remembered in nostalgic Buzzfeed lists.  I blame the Kardashians.

Or can Shakespeare save us all? …READ MORE!


German Makes me Wet


Let me preface this post by saying, I love the German language.  I lived in Germany in high school, and I appreciate it in all its guttural, schnitzelly glory.  That said …READ MORE!


Words that Don’t Exist in English (But Should)

Photo Source: Keep Calm-O-Matic

Photo Source: Keep Calm-O-Matic

There exists a certain lore in my family that I would sing Japanese opera from my crib in the middle of the night as a baby.   (I am not Japanese, but I do have what you might consider an “operatic” bustline.)  Then in high school, I took every foreign language that was offered, and people would joke that I did it because I needed to be able to talk to everyone at all times.

I love words.  What do you expect from someone who grew up with the AP Style Guide on grammar for bathroom reading and a dad who liked to play with palindromes on long car rides (A Man A Plan A Canal Panama was his favorite).

So, I find lists like these particularly entertaining – here are my Top 11 genius words that don’t exist in English but SHOULD compiled from here and here and here (check out the links for more head-scratching, knee-slapping etymology):

  1. How is there not an English word for THIS!