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One in a Million: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

While Joseph Gordon-Levitt (swoon) may have only played a time traveler in last year’s blockbuster hit “Looper,” I’m now more convinced than ever that he’s a visitor from the future.

He recently announced that his company Hit Record will be making a new kind of variety show for Pivot – one that will be produced by common folk like us!  Each episode will be built around a common theme and artists everywhere will come together to collaborate on the content together on JGL’s Hit Record website.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is the future! (I am having a full-blown nerd attack, aren’t I?  I should probably be doing this in private.)

We’ve all seen the way new technology has put creative power into the hands of the people (from what I can tell, a lot of those people have really entertaining cats) – pretty much anyone with a video phone can be a movie producer.

This is the kind of project that gets me pumped – it feels grassrootsy (first made-up word of the day) and supportive and limitless.  JGL saw an untapped potential to gather that creative energy and launch it into the universe (or at the very least, onto the small screen), and I like it.

I dare you to watch this video about the project and to NOT a) doodle Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s name all over your notebook, and b) be excited!

Will any of you submit something to Hit Record?

(One in a Million is a regular feature highlighting people doing innovative things that matter.  JGL started Hit Record with his brother back in 2005 as an artists’ collective where people share their work, a sort of “for us, by us” home for the creative community.  It has been the platform for artists to launch book deals, movie projects, music tours, etc.  But you don’t have to be a celebrity to make your mark – let me know what you’re doing to make the world a cool, collaborative, creative place, so that I can share your good deeds with our fellow Wonderists!)