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iPhone Photography

iPhone Photos

How many selfies are in your camera roll this very second?  Count them and then repent.  We need to raise our smartphone photography standards, people!

We are constantly (and mindlessly) snapping pics – but Brock Davis really raises the bar on iPhone photography. For the last 2 years, he’s been taking these simplistic, yet witty, photos that I love.  Davis is the Don Draper of an ad agency in Minnesota, so it’s no wonder they’re so creative.  I’m actually a little sorry that his geography makes us mortal football enemies.

Enjoy his work – I can’t even decide on a favorite, but Emo Pineapple is the frontrunner. TO BE CONTINUED…AFTER THE JUMP!


The Real Voice Behind Siri


It was the great mystery of a generation.  WHO is the real voice behind iPhone’s Siri?  Well, now we know – Siri’s human face belongs to Susan Bennett of Atlanta.  Check out the full story here!  Now that I’ve seen her face, I feel kind of bad about all those times I yelled at her.  She seems like a nice lady.

I hope this means more voice-over artists will come out of hiding now.  I’d like to know who the voice is behind the closing door warnings on the subway.  I like the way he bosses me around.

*Photo Source: CNN*