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This Girl is On Fire!

Girl is on Fire

I kinda love this print from Live Love Studio on Etsy.  It’s all “GIRL POWER!!!” but in colors that don’t make me feel like a teenage girl who still plays with Barbies.  It also captures how I’m feeling about some of the big changes I’ll be making in 2014 that I can’t WAIT to tell you about – new job, new blog enterprises, and most importantly – I’m getting bangs again.

Onward and upward!

Do you have any big changes coming in the new year?  I’d love to hear about them (especially if they involve hair).

Cue musical interlude…



Dinovember 2

So we are halfway through MOvember – the month-long event during which men grow moustaches to raise awareness for men’s health issues, and their girlfriends battle beard-burn with expensive face lotions.  Since I love a sprinkling of facial hair on my men, November is far and away my favorite month.

But NOW it’s my favorite month for a completely different reason …Find out why AFTER THE JUMP!


We Are Made of Stars

We Are Made of Star Stuff

I am currently very into the idea that we are made of star stuff.  (Because most of the time, I think I’m made of McDonald’s.)  Makes every little thing we do feel a little more divine, doesn’t it?

“All of the rocky and metallic material we stand on, the iron in our blood, the calcium in our teeth, the carbon in our genes were produced billions of years ago in the interior of a red giant star. We are made of star stuff.” – Carl Sagan, 1973

And more about our truly inspiring connection to the cosmos here!


A Glass House

House of Windows

I’m always inspired by “idea people.”  I’ve wanted to be one of them for as long as I can remember, but I’m just a humble executor (not to be confused with executioner).  Hand me an idea, and I will get it done – just don’t ask me to come UP with the idea.  I will chew my pencil down to the nub and die of graphite poisoning before you realize that my brain is actually an empty cavern.

So I’m especially awestruck when …Your Monday morning inspiration AFTER THE JUMP!


Be Soft and Lovely

Soft and Lovely


I usually wake up on the aggressive side of bed on Monday’s – mostly annoyed to have to trade in sweatpants for actual pants.  (My thighs are like uncooperative hostages, and my inseams are the bad guys in ski masks.)

And so this photo break from NPR’s Fresh Air is the perfect antidote to the Monday’s.  And pants.

Hope you all have a soft and lovely week!

*Photo Source: Jenny Holzer*

(Via NPR Fresh Air Tumblr)


How to Giddyup-and-Go at Any Age

Diana Nyad

Feeling a little sluggish this morning? I don’t blame you. It’s always hard to summon that giddyup-and-go after a long weekend. I stuffed my face full of nachos yesterday and then passed out on the coach like an over-served frat boy for several hours. I’m pretty sure this is not what the government had in mind when it gave me the day off.

I hope you were much more productive than I was. Hell, I hope you were HALF as productive as 64 year-old Diana Nyad who SWAM FROM CUBA TO FLORIDA over the weekend. She made history as the first person ever to …READ MORE!


Love in Lights

01Mark-900x675When I was staying in Paris, I loved to stroll up and down the Boulevard de Clichy snapping pictures of the neon signs in the front windows of sex shops. Neon art walks that fine line between fun and trashy – and I kinda love it. Here are a few signs that I think would make great computer wallpaper.  Or just help you relive that glorious night you spent with the rodeo cowboy at the Motel 6 with the vibrating beds and the buzzing vacancy sign outside the window.  No one’s judging.

PS – All my fellow Badgers – you’ll know which sign is for you!  READ MORE!


Buck Hollywood


Last week, Ashton – er, Chris – Kutcher took the industry by storm at the Teen Choice Awards. Like me, you probably have very low expectations for an awards show that hands out surfboards. Or one that gives Ashton Kutcher the lifetime achievement award. But somehow, on the whole, it didn’t fail. Grown-up Ashton (maybe clinging to his youth a little with the baseball cap) showed up and gave a pretty great acceptance speech – I mean, legit speechwriters are doing actual fist bumps over this. I’m not sure that the screeching girls in the audience heard anything he said, but those of us not wearing training bras will get it.



Be Revolutionary and Break Stuff!


Your midweek pep talk – brought to you by 16 Start-Up Inspired Motivational Posters – will either make you plant your face on your keyboard in revolt or inspire your best Steve Jobs impersonation.  My favorites (there’s cursing, so children, cover your eyes) …AFTER THE JUMP!


The Ball Drop: Neighborday!


Photo Source: GOOD

Happy Monday, everyone!  Hope you had a beautiful weekend!

I made several discoveries this weekend:

1)   ACTIVE DISCOVERY: That sometimes trying on new clothes requires the dislocation of several limbs,

2)   INCONVENIENT DISCOVERY: That I am still capable of having boogie-monster-in-the-closet nightmares (shouldn’t have watched Django before bed), and

3)   ACCIDENTAL DISCOVERY: That I have a new favorite magazine!

That last one is what I want to write about today.  I stopped by Barnes & Noble this weekend to pick up some reading material for my students when a magazine I’d never seen before caught my eye tucked on a shelf beneath the customer service desk. (I teach filmmaking to kids on the weekend – they are only 10-13 years old, but they are taller than I am and had blogs first – so they’re kinda the bosses of me.)

GOOD is the magazine and is its online presence – a social network of “people who give a damn” (actual tagline).  Both are filled with pages of inspiring, smart material about people and organizations doing good things.  It is basically the print version of the feeling you get when you’re wearing your flannel jammies while watching a Muppets movie and eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.  In other words, it is GOOD.

When I cracked open the magazine, I found a fold-out insert advertising “Neighborday” on April 27th for readers to hang on their front doors – a way to grab the attention of the people they share sidewalks with (or, in my case, a paper thin wall) and start a conversation!

Growing up in Wisconsin, I knew what it meant to really have neighbors.  The family next door had two sons, (the youngest was my first kiss, and the oldest teased me about it for 4 years), and were basically an extension of my own.  I miss that – knowing there’s someone just across the way whose door is always open – that means something tangible in an age when many of our “friends” are a digital headcount on Facebook, doesn’t it?

But as an adult in a big city where we live stacked on top of one another, it is easy to be invisible. Despite seeing each other in the hallway fairly often, I only know my neighbor’s name because I sometimes mistakenly get her mail.  So this year, I’m going to make an effort to meet each of my neighbors and to let them know (assuming none seems mass-murdery) that my door is always open (it’ll actually be locked, but I will open it).

How will you celebrate Neighborday?

And here is a little sampler of the great stuff you can read on GOOD’s website:

The Biological Advantage of Being Awestruck – if you click on no other links today, click on this one.  It’ll make you see Monday morning (and life!) in a whole new way.

Why these people have turned their apartment into a part-time restaurant.

Postcards to the Future – early 20th century predictions of 21st century technology.  I particularly love the weather control machine!  If only.

A story about how this guy attempted to draw every building in New York City and why.

The Girl Scouts now have a “Game Developer” badge to get girls excited about technology and science!

Have a great day!  (Oh, and shameless plug – tune in to National Geographic tonight at 9pm EST for the season premiere of my series “Brain Games” – in keeping with today’s theme, it’s SO GOOD!)