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Sardines in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Apartments 1

There are times in my tiny New York City life that I want to thrust myself out onto the fire escape, tear my shirt open and just suck in all the oxygen I can get.  It is so easy to feel claustrophobic here – we are packed in like sardines – on the train, on the sidewalk, at work, in our apartment buildings – sometimes I just get hungry for my own space.

But these tower blocks in Hong Kong are somethin’ else entirely. I need to breathe into a paper bag.  …SEE WHAT I MEAN AFTER THE JUMP!


Rubber ducky, you’re the one

Photo Source: Florentijn Hofman

Photo Source: Florentijn Hofman

Armageddon is finally here, folks, and we’re being invaded by impossibly cheery rubber duckies.  Exhibit A above: a 54-foot inflatable bath toy – (Toys R Us, eat your heart out) – a particularly well-traveled one, having been on the road-slash-water since 2007 in Osaka, Sydney, Sao Paolo and Amsterdam.  Its current home is the Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong where thousands gathered to celebrate its arrival last Thursday.  The artist behind everyone’s favorite bath time buddy is Dutchman Florentijn Hofman, whose work includes lots of large (very large), cartoonish replicas of iconic objects.  Hofman’s goal with Rubber Duck was “to make a very positive artistic statement that immediately connects people to their childhood.”  Mostly it makes me a) smile and b) reach for the Irish Spring.  Check out more of his work here.

In other news, productivity in the United States took a serious nosedive this week as hundreds “flocked” to Huffington Post to caption photos of The Great Rubber Duck Migration.  A couple of my favorites: “Here we see an eye-opening example of Hong Kong’s inflation problem.” AND  “Everybody, duck!”

The rest of us have been singing this all day (if I have to have this stuck in my head, so do you – you’re welcome):

In June, the duck will make it’s way to the United States, though its destination is still top secret.  The last thing we saw floating down the Hudson was Sully Sullenberger, so fingers and toes crossed it’s coming to NYC!!

More photos of Rubber Duck after the jump