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The Ball Drop: Holi!


Thousands throw colored powder in sequence every 2 hours during the Holi Festival of Colors, on Saturday, Mar. 24, 2012, at the Lotus Temple, in Spanish Fork, Utah. (Photo by Benjamin B. Morris ©2012)

Anyone who knows me knows that I dress like a box of crayons.  To say I love color would be a massive understatement.  If I could eat color, I would – it gives me that kind of energy.  Red, yellow, blue, you name it – I’m an equal opportunity lover of color – which is why the Holi celebrations every year make me so gosh darn happy.

If you’re not familiar, Holi is the Hindu Festival of Colors and marks the beginning of Spring, something we’re finally beginning to see early signs of here in New York City.  People all over the world get together to celebrate by throwing scented powder and perfume at one another – it’s basically a food fight…but with color.  How fun is that?!

Even celebrities get in on the action – Lauren Conrad posted this picture on herself on twitter following a Holi celebration in India, and I have to say, I think she looks pretty in pink!

I propose that we take Holi to Central Park next year and color-bomb NYC – who’s in?

(Named for the iconic New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square, The Ball Drop is a regular feature highlighting cool things happening all over the world.  Whether it’s a small, but unique, family celebration in your backyard, or something so big we can see it from space – let me know all about it!)