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NFL Bad Lip Reading

Tears. Streaming. Down. My. Face.

Happy almost-Superbowl, everyone!

How are you planning to celebrate (or boycott)?  This year I have choreographed a very special cheerleading routine which I will perform every time I get the perfect chip to dip ratio in my gullet.  And possibly also each time I manage to remember which teams are playing.


A Winning Play


I grew up in a hardcore football town – a real-life Friday Night Lights (I played the bit part of a girl who got shoved into lockers by cheerleaders).  Ah, high school politics.

But what this middle school football team did for their classmate, Keith, is our feel-good moment of the week.  Keith is a learning disabled student whose struggle with boundaries manifests itself in the sweetest way – a need to hug everyone.  Little did he (or the football coaches) know, that the whole team was conspiring to embrace him right back.

Watch and share the video!

(Via Upworthy)