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The Safety Dance

Virgin America Safety Video

When I’m flying and the airline purser cues the safety video, I drop whatever I’m doing and listen attentively.  Teacher’s pet all the way.  I’m not offended that the airlines think we don’t know how to buckle our seat belts.  And I don’t care that they assume we’re all arsonists who want to tamper with the smoke detectors.  I just want to be fully briefed on the safety features of my aircraft.  Usually I’m the only one.

So Virgin America has taken a swing at updating the standard safety demo with a music video to get people interested.  It’s funny, witty, oddly catchy, and better than half the stuff on Hot 97 these days.  And, honestly, I probably WOULD feel safer traveling in a flying R&B video. …CHECK OUT THE VIDEO AFTER THE JUMP!


How to Put the “Fly” Back in Flying

Irazu Air

I spend a lot of time wondering how to cure my plane anxiety.  Thumb-sucking hasn’t helped.  Smooth jazz playlists definitely don’t help. Not even a purse full of candy helps.

But you know what WOULD help?  If flying looked a little more now like it did 40 years ago.

Let’s start with a fashion show after take-off: …READ MORE!