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Jedi Tricks

Superhero Workout 2

Do you need to work out?  (Yes.  The answer is yes.  Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday and everything you ate was either covered in, dunked in, or made of CHEESE.)

Fitness guru Neila Rey knows how hard it is to keep your fitness routine from growing stale, so she publishes a new workout regimen on her website every week.  The fun part?  The programs require no equipment and are based on your favorite superheroes – so you can get the body of Batman, Wolverine, or The Avenger.  (My tip to you – the Storm Trooper workout looks pretty easy.  Probably why Storm Troopers never actually hit their targets.)

Check out a few of my favorite routines AFTER THE JUMP!


Let’s Take the Stairs

Empire State Building Construction

Just thinking about this makes me a little nauseous.  Next week is the 37th Annual Empire State Building Run-Up event.  Around 500 runners will race up 86 flights (1,576 stairs), take a lap around the observation deck, and then collapse at the feet of the nearest elevator operator (or that would be me anyway).  The fastest runners do it in 10 minutes.  They are obviously aliens (Kelly Ripa ran it last year, and it’s a well-known fact that she’s an alien).

Most of the runners are professional staircase or tower runners (that’s an actual thing), but there are about 200 “normal” folks who do it for charity.  And because they are missing the part of their brains that should tell them this is crazy.

Photos from previous run-up events …AFTER THE JUMP!