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Liquid Adventures

Liquid Adventures

Get your bucket lists out – you may need to make an addition today.  Chris Mautino is a professional adventure guide (coolest job title ever) and an avid waterman – he once paddled the Sea of Cortez alone, on a 52-day journey.  I couldn’t even commit to the Atkins Diet for 52 days.

He and the Alaskan outfitters company, Liquid Adventures, run these incredible stand-up paddle tours through Bear Glacier, and the photos are stunning.  Despite sounding like a company that runs booze cruises for Spring Breakers, Liquid Adventures brings this week’s moment of zen …AFTER THE JUMP!



I’m going to go ahead and call it – this is going to make my list of favorite videos of 2014.

It’s like this: 7 dudes in the Mexican jungle are hunting the perfect waterfall.  When I tell you that the POV shots of them kayaking through rough waters and being launched over waterfalls is breathtaking, I mean just that.  You will stop breathing.  This is so sumptuously filmed that you’ll imagine you feel the jungle mist on your face.

I give you this week’s Moment of Zen – Cascada.  Makes me want to get out from behind this desk!

(I recommend viewing in full screen here.)

Favorite line – “Athletes, artists – the line between the two is gone now.”



There are two kinds of people in the world.  Those who will walk on tightropes 7,000 feet above the ground and those who won’t.  I give you one guess which kind I am.  Still I am so fascinated by thrill-seekers – maybe even a little jealous of their chutzpah (though, on the flipside, I could probably crush them in any kind of timed eating contest).

Check out the gorgeous video from Slack & Run, a group of slackliners, who scaled the jagged rocks of La Réunion and then walked between them on what was essentially a long seatbelt.  (Their video sort of reminded me of these incredible action photos.)

There’s a subtle thumping in the soundtrack of the video, but I gotta be honest, at times I thought it was my own heart beating out of my chest.

Does anyone else think these guys don’t look old enough to be out without a babysitter?!

Would you do this?

(via The Huffington Post)