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No Diet Day

Junk Food Taxi

How’s your diet going?  You know, that one you promised to start in January and then again in February and again in March?  Yeah, us, too.

Even if you haven’t really gotten started, we think you deserve a break just for thinking about it.  Did you know there’s this thing called “No Diet Day” in May?….Yeah, it’s mysteriously absent from our calendars, too.  This should obviously be right up there with Thanksgiving, the most hallowed binge-eating holiday of all.  We just might circulate a petition to get No Diet Day its own 4-day weekend.

So, please, put down the baby carrots and fall off the food wagon with us, as we run with manic enthusiasm to the nearest grocery store.  Here is a list of items that you 100% need to have if you plan on doing this right: …AFTER THE JUMP!