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Have a Seat

Mini Chairs

I’m not ashamed of my love of miniature things – while it could seem like the creepy obsession of a serial killer, I think maybe it’s reasonable to think it’s just a side effect of, well, being a girl.

Though I wasn’t a girlie girl growing up – no doll houses for me – I l-o-v-e-d playing with little souvenir spoons and answering machine tapes.  In my little kid hands, they made me feel like a giant.

Which is all just a roundabout way of saying, I NEED A WALL OF MINIATURE REPLICA CHAIRS.  How amazing are these?  And the rest of the house?  Stunning.  It’s stirring the klepto in me – so much to see, so many things to hide in my pockets on a weekend visit!

My other favorite miniature things - real people figurines and these houses!


A City Bike

City Bike

Coolest.  Bike.  Wheel.  Ever.  It doesn’t even matter that you couldn’t ride with this wheel because I don’t believe in exercise or sweating.

More pics of the wheel design on Behance here!


Invisible Bike Helmets

Invisible Bike Helmet

To the untrained eye, this just looks like a lumberjack on a bicycle.  A good-looking lumberjack whose lap I’d like to sit on, sure, but that’s not the point.  He’s wearing an invisible bike helmet.  This is not a gimmick, not some sort of bait and switch.  He is ACTUALLY wearing a bike helmet.  And yellow suspenders I’d like to snap.  (Again, not the point.)

I think it’d just be best if I let the designers (two Swedish women in killer shoes) explain for themselves.  Prepare to gasp in delight. …READ MORE!


Do I Look Beard to You?


It’s the thing men have been asking themselves since they were cavemen: Just which font exactly IS my beard?  (This question was superseded only by “Do I look fat in this loin cloth?”)  Thanks to Christian Goldemann’s Typography Beard Guide, we have the answer.

I like a man with a nicely shorn beard.  To me, it says “I’ve got so much god damn testosterone that I can squeeze hair out of my face.”  However, I’ve never been quite sure how to get around the whole chapped chin thing that happens after making out with a ZZ Top-type.  A dental dam would just kill the mood.

Also, one of the best things in facial hair to come out of Minnesota EVER is… …SEE IT HERE!


Rappers and Cereal


Move over energy drinks, sneakers, cars, and cosmetics.  The only endorsement rappers want?  Kellogg’s.

Jacob the Jeweler, the King of Bling, has been icing rappers for years, but Rappers and Cereal – the tumblr blog “where beats & breakfast meet” – is where they’re goin’ for the real sugar.

Hungry?  Grab some Snoop Loops and Mackle S’Mores.  And if you’re feeling creative, check out the tumblr where you can actually make your own rapper/cereal mash-up!

Oh yeahhhh, the cereal aisle just got crunk.  …My favorite posters after the jump (warning: dirty language)!


One Second on the Internet


This is really cool – cooler than Bill Cosby’s sweaters.  Every second on the internet …READ MORE!


Compliment(ary) Fare Fairy


Move over Tooth Fairy – there’s a new girl in town! …READ MORE!


The Justice League Fights Cancer


I don’t have very many nice things to say about cancer.  Cancer is a jerk. Cancer is not invited to Thanksgiving Dinner this year or ever.

But what Warner Bros. and A.C.Camargo Cancer Center in São Paulo are doing to help kids beat it is pretty awesome!  Talk about using creativity for good – together, they designed covers (pictured above) for “Superformula” chemotherapy treatments based on characters from the Justice League.  They even revamped the children’s cancer ward to look like the Hall of Justice and created comic books that show superheroes fighting similar battles.  All of this is helping these little heroes talk about what they’re experiencing in a language they understand and to see that they can beat the bad guy, too.

If there’s one thing my mom taught me while she was punching cancer right on the nose, it’s that half the battle is believing that you can!

Check out the full story here!