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Turn up the volume on your Menudo 8-track – because this weekend kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month! When I was 15, I had the honor of participating in an exchange program in Costa Rica, so Hispanic culture is close to my heart. That summer I learned to dance salsa better than your average white girl and had my first French kiss (which seemed to involve a startling amount of face-licking).

In honor of a culture rich with some of the best music, art, food, (and Cuban Zumba instructors), …READ MORE!


I Need a Vacation (and it’s only Monday)!

Published By: Employment Law HQ Designed By: Louis Duncan

Published By: Employment Law HQ
Designed By: Louis Duncan

I’m moving to Austria – who’s in?  Pack your bags, and let’s go.  Actually forget your bags because you’ll have 42 DAYS OF MANDATORY VACATION to shop for a new wardrobe.  I, for one, will be buying a rainbow assortment of bosomy dirndls.

But, seriously, this infographic makes you think, doesn’t it?  Are Americans too work-obsessed?  Thoughts?

(via The Culturist)