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The Zen Photographer

Adam Magyar

After 4 trains and a walk through shin-deep slush yesterday, I got to work with soggy feet and terrible hair. Things started looking up, however, when one of my coworkers came back from lunch with a 6-pack of fresh men’s socks to share.  You’d think I’d been stranded in the wilderness for decades the way I talked about those fresh socks all afternoon.  They were so WHITE.  And so PLUSH.  Ladies, women’s socks are a scam – it was like wearing a sheep on my feet.

But back to commuting.  People are calling this artist the man who hacked time for his stunning work on underground trains. See why after the jump!


A New Aquatic Frontier in Biking

Water Biking

I wish this guy didn’t have such beautiful hair.  It confuses me.  Like is this an advertisement for Valtrex or for water-biking?

Adventure-seeker Judah Schiller is trying to jumpstart “a new aquatic frontier in biking” by getting commuters to water-bike across the Bay from Oakland to San Francisco.  I’d like to think I would be brave enough to water-bike from Brooklyn to Manhattan, if the East River weren’t so radioactive.  I don’t want to be growing fins a few decades from now.

So would you water-bike to work?

Check out more about Schiller and water-bikes here!