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Cat Love

Cat in Blankets

A Jealous Letter from Someone with Pet Allergies… HOW I WILL NEVER BE COMPLETE WITHOUT YOUR CAT…AFTER THE JUMP!


Cat Café


Yesterday morning, I found myself in an unlikely stand-off…at a cat café. Check out my dispatch from the front lines…after the jump!


The New Yule Log

At first I wasn’t sure if this cat was real – she’s got the big round eyes of a ventriloquist’s doll.  But she is real – due to various genetic anomalies, Lil Bub is a “perma-kitten” – she will stay kitten-sized for life.  And that tongue!!!  (I will find her and make her mine.)  Enjoy an hour of her yule log debut replete with purring, slurping, and snoring – you’ll never watch the Channel 11 yule log again.


Holy Cow, I Mean, Cat!


So I did something a little impulsive and spinster-y this weekend …READ MORE!