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The Justice League Fights Cancer


I don’t have very many nice things to say about cancer.  Cancer is a jerk. Cancer is not invited to Thanksgiving Dinner this year or ever.

But what Warner Bros. and A.C.Camargo Cancer Center in São Paulo are doing to help kids beat it is pretty awesome!  Talk about using creativity for good – together, they designed covers (pictured above) for “Superformula” chemotherapy treatments based on characters from the Justice League.  They even revamped the children’s cancer ward to look like the Hall of Justice and created comic books that show superheroes fighting similar battles.  All of this is helping these little heroes talk about what they’re experiencing in a language they understand and to see that they can beat the bad guy, too.

If there’s one thing my mom taught me while she was punching cancer right on the nose, it’s that half the battle is believing that you can!

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