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Big Softie


What is it about math teachers.  The story after the jump will make you melt!


It’s Bath Time!

When I get my haircut there’s one step I look forward to more than anything – the shampoo bowl.  More specifically, the shampoo girl with the long acrylic nails.  She gives the best damn lather this side of the Mississippi River, and I love her for every second of it with a blissed out grin on my face.  I knew a girl in college who gave particularly awesome head massages, too – usually after a joint and a round at the archery range (not always in that order).  God, I miss sophomore year.

So when I saw this video of newborn twins taking a bath, it was all clear to me – some of us are just born to love a good rinse.  A maternity nurse in Paris named Sonia Rochel invented a technique that involves running water over babies faces to make them mimic how they moved in the womb.  Check out these newborn twins taking a bath together and clinging to each other as they would have before birth.  At about 1:05, the cuteness reaches epic, call-your-mom-and-sob-from-joy proportions.

Now just imagine that this is what I look like in the shampoo chair.

(via Cup of Jo)


The Cutest Cry-Baby

This is easily the cutest thing I’ve seen in ages.  Between the quivering eyebrows, the soft sighs, and the silent tears, I don’t know how this baby’s mama kept singing.

Meet the most empathetic baby ever born.  As her mom sings “My Heart Can’t Tell You No,” her emotional reaction just proves that Rod Stewart’s biggest fan may also be the littlest one.

(Videa Source: Amanda Leroux)


When Life Gives You Lemons


Say cheese!  Or should I say, pucker up!  Thank you Twisted Sifter for introducing me to this adorable series of babies tasting lemons for the first time.  I didn’t realize this is an internet “thing” – like cat videos or the honey badger, only slightly more likely to draw the attention of Child Protective Services.  Internet 1: Tanya 0.  And how am I ten million views late on the instant happiness that is this video of babies tasting lemons?  Blogger card revoked. …MY FAVE PHOTOS AFTER THE JUMP!