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Extraordinary Girl Nails National Anthem

This video of Marlana VanHoose NAILING the National Anthem back in 2012 has recently resurfaced on social media.  That’s because it’s no ordinary performance – she has such a clear, emotional voice – it gives me goosebumps.  Oh and did I mention she’s blind, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a toddler, and has never had a lesson?

Her outlook on life is inspiring – she says “god taught” her how to play and she does it to help people who might be lost. And I love the Ray Charles swagger she’s got going on.


Echolilia – Autism in Photographs

Autistic Son 1

It can be hard to communicate, even for two people who speak the same language.  For Timothy Archibald, it was nearly impossible to communicate with his own son.  …READ MORE!