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If You Are in a Shell

Harry Shum Jr

This is hands-down the most beautiful video I’ve ever seen about shyness and bullying.  Glee star, Harry Shum, Jr., choreographed this incredible piece about his own struggles with both, and it’s so deeply moving.

I love how it blends the storytelling, the positive message, and the art together – if you’ve got a shy child at home, they might really love it.  Please check out this important work AFTER THE JUMP!


Jay-Z is Dead!


“Jay-Z is dead,” I read the other day as I scanned the morning headlines. My heart stopped.  I immediately decided the Barclays Center needed to be renamed after him.  But before pouring a 40 oz Schlitz on my fire escape, I dug a little deeper and realized – with a huge sigh of relief – that …READ MORE!


The Iceman Cometh!

Photo Source:

Photo Source: Reuters

If you live on planet earth, you might have heard that it is insanely, oppressively hot in the US this summer.  Like fry an egg on my face hot.  I am so sweaty that the door guy in my office building …READ MORE!


Come on, Punch Me


Photo Source: Phil Akashi

I can’t imagine what kind of upper arm strength this required.  Billy Blanks, eat your heart out, because Phil Akashi punched this wall 27,000 times.  TWENTY-SEVEN THOUSAND TIMES. When was the last time you did ANYthing 27,000 times?  With the Chinese characters for freedom fastened to the tip of his glove and dipped in traditional Chinese ink paste, he produced this unique tribute to Nelson Mandela in Shanghai Graffiti Park.  (Check out this short video to see his process – it’s pretty awesome.)  Mandela, the South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, remains in critical condition this week.

And for something a little more my speed (read = a little less cardiovascular), children and volunteers in Johannesburg created a portrait of Mandela entirely out of cupcakes.  5,000 cupcakes.  My monthly cupcake allowance.  Mandela will be celebrating his 95th birthday tomorrow.  Happy Birthday!


Not Your Average Sand Castles

All Photos: Acid Cow

All Photos: Acid Cow

I was inspired yesterday by an Instagram photo my 9 year-old nephew posted from vacation (let’s not even talk about how he figured out the new video function before I did) – it was a photo of a sand castle he’d built on the beach, which he captioned “Aztecs.”  Obviously, my nephew is a child prodigy with an incredible cultural awareness for his age.  “Aztecs” was constructed with both round AND square pails – like I said, genius.

But it got me thinking …READ MORE!


Look! Up in the Sky! It’s a Bird…It’s a…What?!


As a rule, I don’t look up when I’m walking for my own safety.  I have tumbled down escalators, speared myself on umbrellas, and fallen down in the middle of the street in rush hour traffic.  My body just prefers to be lying down.  (I suppose I could have chosen a career path where this might have even been practical.)  But on the rare occasion when I do look up, it occurs to me how much I’m missing – the penthouse apartments (I’ll never own), the rooftop gardens (I’ll never own), and the peeping Toms (I’ve probably dated).

And so maybe that’s why I adore this series of illustrations by French artist, Thomas Lamadieu, so much.  (Side Note: Is there ANYTHING the French aren’t good at?  Seriously, name one thing.  And then spank yourself because shame on you.  France has had my heart since Gérard Depardieu in Green Card.)

Lamadieu takes photographs of the sky between tightly stacked buildings and then illustrates the empty space between them.  At first it’s hard to discern what you’re looking at because he has so expertly drawn around the various crevices.  I wish I could see things like this.  The most imagery I can project is when I pass the Little Debbie aisle at the grocery store and can picture a Zebra Cake in my mouth. MY FAVORITE ILLUSTRATIONS AFTER THE JUMP!


Give ‘em the Finger!


1, 2, 3, 4, I declare a finger war. It could be like Celebrity Deathmatch but with fingers. (I’d buy ringside seats for Ronald McDonald vs. Spock.)

I can’t get over Italian artist Dito (“dito” is Italian for “finger” – not to be confused with “ditto” which is Boyfriend for “I love you, too”). While I think his finger portraits are plenty entertaining on their own, Dito is, in fact, trying to make a larger statement with his project – that in this technological age, the finger is the tool we hide behind – constructing public identities that at once free us to express our ideas, yet also allow us to hide behind a digital disguise.

He actually uses the pointer finger in each portrait to indicate that he is pointing at YOU and challenging you to reflect on your own unique metaphorical fingerprint.

Check out some of my favorites after the jump – I think Jesus, Frida Kahlo, and the Dalai Lama are my favorites. Sounds like the beginning of a joke – “So, Jesus, Frida, and the Dalai Lama walk into a bar…”



In the Dew of Little Things…

All Photos: “Steve Took It” on Flickr

Just a quick post this morning, as I hope you’re all spending the holiday building couch cushion forts with your loved ones and keeping the men and women of our armed services in your thoughts.  Here’s a little magic to start off your week – Happy Memorial Day!

When it’s all I can do just to tame my frizzy hair in humid weather, Steve Wall is actually crouching on his hands and knees in the dew-laden grass (with a Coke can for a tripod) to capture these incredible photos.   Steve is a macrophotographer who stumbled upon the “teeny-weeny” worlds of waterdrops in his own backyard – literally.  Watch this video about his discovery (DO IT) – it’s like being invited into Wonderland with Alice.

These photos remind me of my favorite line in a poem about friendship my dad gave me once – “For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.”  I’ve thought about having it tattooed on my arm because I love it so much, but I’d have to wear turtlencks for life because my mom would probably kill me (a reasonable fear, even at 33 years-old). CLICK HERE TO SEE MY FAVORITE WATERDROP PHOTOS


The Bubblegum Beat

Photo Source: Simone Decker

Photo Source: Simone Decker

It’s one thing to know how to walk and chew gum at the same time – it’s entirely another to scrape something like THIS off of your shoe.  It’s Throwback Thursday, so today, I bring you Simone Decker, a Luxembourg artist whose work often explores perspective and the constant state of change in public spaces.  In this 1999 photography exhibit “Chewing in Venice,” we see what happens when…GUM…ATTACKS (creepy narrator voice).  I don’t know about you, but I think this would make a great high school campaign against litterers who leave chewing gum plastered in lockers and under desks.  Janitors unite!  Take a look at more of her fun photos here and watch where you step.

French artist, Jeremy Laffon, also works with the minty medium – but on elaborate structures like  this


Postcards from the South

Photo Source: Elsurfista

Life below the Mason-Dixon Line is, well, hot. I am pretty sure I left a sweat mark in the shape of the Sweet Baby Jesus on my mom’s car seat today. I might try to sell it on eBay.

Anyway, it is Throwback Thursday, and I feel how this ice cream truck looks. A commentary on global warming by artist Orest Keywan, this melting ice cream truck took the $30,000 grand prize in the Australian Sculptures by the Sea exhibition in 2006. Mr. Softees everywhere shared a moment of silence for their fallen brother.

In other news from The South:

I had fried chicken for breakfast! Fruits and vegetables are for sissies.

Overheard at Wal-Mart today – a married couple having a legit fight over whether to buy Velveeta or Kraft Mac and Cheese. It got heated. Kraft won, but the husband’s sleeping on the couch tonight.

I saw a bookstore called “White Wing” which I thought was funny when I said it out loud to myself (assuming it was a play on “right wing”). But then I wondered if they didn’t mean it to be funny and felt bad for maybe being a cynical New Yorker.