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Tic Tock

Girl on Phone

Does sitting through a movie without your phone give you the shakes?  Do you check into Foursquare to become the Mayor of the neighborhood bar before saying hello to the friends meeting you there? Do you check the weather on your phone before looking out the window to see if it’s raining?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, two Syracuse University students may be able to help you. YOU’LL BE SURPRISED TO FIND OUT HOW – AFTER THE JUMP!


Meat My Phone

United States of MeatEver find yourself wishing your smartphone smelled more like meat?  Japanese company Scentee heard your prayers and has just the app for you – it comes with a cartridge for your phone that emits the scent of short ribs, beef tongue, or buttered potatoes whenever you need it most.  Something tells me this is really just about men being able to cover up farts. (Via Foodiggity)

*Photo Source: Dominic Episcopo*