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Swing from the Chandelier


Happy Monday!  Wanted to share with you a song I am loving right now.  This oughta be enough to get you out of bed on this Monday morning (leotard and wig not required).

The video reminds me of how – as kids – we played pretend all the time.  We were astronauts, pop stars, and doctors.  Ballerinas, athletes, and explorers.  We’d go whole hog into character, healing friends with toy stethoscopes and taking slow, giant steps on the moon – with so much conviction that one day it wouldn’t be pretend anymore, it’d be real.

I think Sia’s new video does a beautiful job capturing all that energy and hope.  And, besides, us grown-ups would all benefit from a little pretend now and then.

Have a great week, my astronauts.  Let’s swing from the chandeliers, shall we? My Monday anthem after the jump!


All I Have to do is Dream

This is my jam this week (if a song by the Everly Brothers can be considered a “jam”).  I’m feeling like a bit of a dreamer lately, so this song is my current anthem.  What’s yours?

(And, oh my lord, the POMADE!  Why can’t I get volume like that.)


Personal Anthems

Emeli Sande Wonder Still

Do you ever find yourself thinking how much cooler life would be if it came with a personal soundtrack?  Say, if Eye of the Tiger played every time you stepped into the shower.  Or Beethoven’s 5th (dun dun dun DUN) during serious conversations at work.  I’m sort of always collecting theme songs for my personal soundtrack, and I think we’ve known each other long enough that I can share one of my favorites anthems with you now. …READ MORE!