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Photobooth Dogs

Photobooth dogs

I don’t know what’s happening to me.  Ever since I got a cat, I’ve gotten all squishy inside over animals.  Even dogs.  (I’ve been afraid of dogs for a good 30 years after one ill-fated incident where I tried to ride a friend’s Great Dane like a horse.)

This photobooth series of dogs by photographer Lynn Terry is so damn cute.  This week’s most happy-making photos …after the jump!


Landfill Dogs

Landfill Dogs 9

Ok, so I’m probably going to get death threats for saying this, but here goes – I groan every time I see those ultra-depressing Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercials.  But before you send me hate mail full of anthrax, let me redeem myself by talking about how much I DO love this series “Landfill Dogs” by Shannon Johnstone.  I find this approach to publicizing pet overpopulation to be so much more productive and moving (and happy!). …SEE THEM AFTER THE JUMP!