Very Important Things I Learned from Books: Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day


Bad days happen (often on days when you have to go to your job – work shmork), so we want to make sure you’re armed with every possible weapon against them.  Your defense should start with a well-stocked refrigerator, a cache of Hugh Grant movies, and a brand new copy of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. This book told us everything we need to know about bad days and how to avoid them for good!


Take Me Out to the Ball Game

A League of Their Own

What’s more American than baseball?  Apple pie, stone-washed jeans, and maybe Tammy Faye Baker – but I love baseball the most.  FIND OUT WHY – AFTER THE JUMP!


Victory Lap


You know what we don’t do enough of on the blog?


This one from our dear contributor, Caroline, feels particularly apropos for a week that involved (for me anyway) lots of long hours, late-night ice cream dinners, and several days of soggy shoes.

It is so much easier to focus on what we DON’T get done at the end of the day than all that we DO get done.  But as you go into the long weekend, choose to feel good about all those check marks on your to do list, instead of defeated by the new additions.

You deserve a lopsided victory lap – and not just because your right leg is noticeably longer than your left leg – but because you will be carrying all the gold medals and trophies you can steal from the local party store.

Go home tonight knowing that you really did accomplish something because, it’s true.  Where there was nothing before, now there’s you and all that you created.

Thank you, Caroline, for the inspiration!

Limerick: Caroline would dearly love to return to Somalia, where she spent carefree childhood hours trying to keep poisonous snakes out of her clothing.  As a trip there is not really a go at the moment, she consoles herself by observing (and enjoying) the sweet absurdity of human life.

Photo Source: United Artists


Tic Tock

Girl on Phone

Does sitting through a movie without your phone give you the shakes?  Do you check into Foursquare to become the Mayor of the neighborhood bar before saying hello to the friends meeting you there? Do you check the weather on your phone before looking out the window to see if it’s raining?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, two Syracuse University students may be able to help you. YOU’LL BE SURPRISED TO FIND OUT HOW – AFTER THE JUMP!


Country Music Confessions

Cowboy Boots

You know that here at The Wonderist we’re all about good storytelling that hits you right in the feels, yeah?  So this is why I need to talk to you about your tight blue jeans… MORE AFTER THE JUMP AND OUR COUNTRY MUSIC PLAYLIST!


Cat Love

Cat in Blankets

A Jealous Letter from Someone with Pet Allergies… HOW I WILL NEVER BE COMPLETE WITHOUT YOUR CAT…AFTER THE JUMP!


Very Important Things I Learned From Books: Madeline

Madeline Cover

Madeline epitomizes French class and rebellious chic for 6 year old girls. (Because who are you REALLY if you’re not classy and chic in first grade.)  She might be the smallest girl in her class, but Madeline’s not even afraid of a mouse, you guys. In a sea of same little yellow hats, this girl knows how to stand out. Let’s take a look at some of the very important things we can learn from  Madeline: AFTER THE JUMP!


Hipster Tell-All

Girl Dancing

I am super fantastic at making up hipster band names on the spot. I just showed it off at a party this past weekend, and people clapped (a LOT of people).  How does one make up an HBN, you ask?

First, you must be surrounded by hipsters who demand to know what you’re listening to. (The Beatles is simply not going to cut it. Did you just say Maroon 5??????) .  Panic will guide you.  Exhibit A: AFTER THE JUMP!


Just Say Yes!


When my mom invited me to a drum circle, hosted by her 92 year-old friend, I had a moment of revelation.

This revelation involved the ThighMaster…MORE after the jump!


What Are You Packing?


I made a crucial mistake when planning to travel abroad for a year. FIND OUT WHAT – AFTER THE JUMP!