Life Lists


Many of you are probably familiar with this thing called the Life List.  It’s essentially a “bucket list” – but with a much better stage name.  I first learned about the idea of putting together a life list from its originator, another of my favorite bloggers,Mighty Girl.  Hers was featured on Oprah’s Blog last year, and the post totally sold me on why making this list is important.  I really encourage you to read it.

I was immediately energized by the idea…if I’ve got 60 years left on this planet (gene pool, don’t fail me now!), what do I want to DO with them?  There’s no need for shoulda, woulda, coulda’s!

So I started keeping a list on my phone – every time something popped into my head that I wanted to try, I jotted it down – the above list is the result (let the judging begin!).  The ideas range from totally achievable (plant a tree) to the truly aspirational (learn how to cook).  And, surprisingly, rather than feel daunted by the list, I feel excited!  It’s not about guilting myself into fitting more activities into my already packed schedule – as the Oprah article put it, “the theme seems to be not acquiring Big Life Experiences like collector’s items, but rather in infusing a life with a sense of possibility.” I surely won’t do everything on my list, but if I do even a few of these things, my life will be richer for it (especially if one of those things is “win the lottery”).

The part where this becomes even better is that people are meant to share their life lists with one another and “sponsor” each other’s goals!  Say, for example, you have a ranch.  You invite me over to ride Flicka and help me tick “go horseback riding” off of my list.  And maybe one of yours is “visit a film set,” so I invite you to NYC and get you a walk-on role in one of my shows! Think how good it would feel to help someone achieve a life goal!

I can attest to the fact that your life list will also be a fun thing to revisit when you’re in a slump or in need of inspiration!  Ride an elephant today?  Why not!  (The only elephant I’m likely to ride in Brooklyn is the musical one for kids in front of the pizza shop. Brace yourself, instagram.)  I suspect we all carry fragments of our life lists around in our brains, but put it down on paper.  Being intentional about it sets the wheels in motion!

So take some time this week to think about what’s on your Life List (now that I’m a blogger, I’m bossy). And when you’re ready, email it to me at  As you can see, I’ve created a page on my blog for Life Lists.  I will share yours with The Wonderist community, and one by one, we will build a community of people creating positive, life-affirming experiences for each other!

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