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Pop Goes the Popsicle


Is it just me or do popsicles seem to have made some kind of enormous comeback recently?  They’re like the Paula Abdul of frozen treats.  (NYC, of course, jumped right on the bandwagon with a number of “artisanal” popsicle offerings – New York, you are so predictable.)  In memoriam of the dwindling days of summer, I present …READ MORE!


Eat Like You Give a F*ck


I’m sure you’ve already heard of Thug Kitchen.  If not, you probably still have dial-up or travel by horse and carriage.  Thug Kitchen gives vegan living street cred with loads of recipes and a generous helping of f-bombs (the website’s tagline is “Eat Like You Give a F*ck”).

It was pretty much impossible to find a photo for this post that didn’t have one expletive or another slapped on top of a beautiful picture of salad (“plant nachos”), which is a further testament to the entertainment value of this website.  I would apologize for my fragrant love of cursing, but I talk like I was born in a saloon and delight in everything Thug Kitchen is serving up – the good food and the dirty language.

I guarantee you a hearty laugh (and a growling stomach) just clicking through the photos!


A Party in Your Mouth

Margarita Brownies

Margaritas plus brownies equals margarita brownies.  The end.

Everything my college friend, Elizabeth, touches turns to gold.  She’s gorgeous (hasn’t aged in 12 years), brainy, and seriously good at everything.  I want to be her.  Here’s her recipe from over at Perpetually Chic, so that you can soothe your insecurities with brownies like I do.