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Vids of the Week

Color Bars

Sometimes you just need a good petting, am I right?  Check out my vid pics of the week and see what I mean AFTER THE JUMP!


Bentobox – Not Just for Lunch Anymore


Fashion to me is whatever’s currently on the racks at Target.  But it IS Fashion Week in NYC, and one thing I DO appreciate is …READ MORE!


The Popularity Pyramid

Don't Be Like the Rest of Them, Darling Argyle

What do Duck Dynasty, Agatha Christie, and boneless ribeye steaks have in common? …FIND OUT AFTER THE JUMP!


Drawing Strength from Nature


When I was about 14, my next door neighbor cut down a branch of our oak tree that extended into his backyard.  It was like having one of my own limbs amputated.  I mean, when I ran away from home for the first time (with a lunchbox full of underwear), it was on that branch that I intended to live.  But then …READ MORE!


Love in Lights

01Mark-900x675When I was staying in Paris, I loved to stroll up and down the Boulevard de Clichy snapping pictures of the neon signs in the front windows of sex shops. Neon art walks that fine line between fun and trashy – and I kinda love it. Here are a few signs that I think would make great computer wallpaper.  Or just help you relive that glorious night you spent with the rodeo cowboy at the Motel 6 with the vibrating beds and the buzzing vacancy sign outside the window.  No one’s judging.

PS – All my fellow Badgers – you’ll know which sign is for you!  READ MORE!


1000 Awesome Things

37_potatochip_largeOne of my most happy-making indulgences is the blog “1000 Awesome Things.”  It’s like a whole internet pan of the best chocolate chip cookies laced with uppers you’ve ever had.  Neil Pasricha’s countdown of awesome things is my go-to when I need a laugh, a pick-me-up, or a simple reminder that I’m not the only who thinks free refills are the lottery ticket of life.

If you’re new to his site, a good place to start is …AFTER THE JUMP!


Be Revolutionary and Break Stuff!


Your midweek pep talk – brought to you by 16 Start-Up Inspired Motivational Posters – will either make you plant your face on your keyboard in revolt or inspire your best Steve Jobs impersonation.  My favorites (there’s cursing, so children, cover your eyes) …AFTER THE JUMP!


Pop Goes the Popsicle


Is it just me or do popsicles seem to have made some kind of enormous comeback recently?  They’re like the Paula Abdul of frozen treats.  (NYC, of course, jumped right on the bandwagon with a number of “artisanal” popsicle offerings – New York, you are so predictable.)  In memoriam of the dwindling days of summer, I present …READ MORE!


Best Friends Forever


When I was 13, my best friend, Sarah, and I decided to share custody of a Wayne’s World VHS tape. This, to me, was the truest declaration of friendship there ever was.  ‘Til now. …READ MORE!