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One Heckuva Ride!

One Heckuva RideHappy 2014, Wonderists!  I hope you’ve gotten a chance to take a little bit of a break like I am about to!  Apologies for the disappearing act – as some of you know, I decided to leave my post at National Geographic TV to take on a super exciting new challenge, but wrapping up 4+ years there just became a really big job for a couple of weeks.

I missed you (it was like quitting carbs cold turkey – I’ve totally had the blogger shakes) and can’t wait to tell you what I’ll be up to this year!  But first I’m going to spend a few more days overeating, impulse shopping online, and not showering.

I will be back in full force on Monday, January 13th, and can’t wait to share with you my new blog design and some other fun ventures that I hope you’ll be a part of in 2014. SQUEE!!!

This is going to be one heckuva ride!

*Photo Source: Unknown / Text: The Wonderist*


The Christmas Spirit

Child with Christmas Present

Right about now is when – as a kid – I would get uncontrollably excited for Christmas Day.  So my guess is that right about now is when parents hit THE WALL.  You’ve been standing in cash register lines for what feels like centuries.  You’ve spent more money than you earned in all of your 20′s on toys that will give you migraines through all of your 40′s.  You will have to sell your ’03 Corolla just to afford enough batteries to power their endless whirring and beeping.

So to you, I just want to say – everything you’re doing matters, no matter how big or small.  So give yourself a moment to breathe.  Your children might not realize it now, but they will know how much you loved them when they think back on these years.  That is bigger than any gift you can give.  And it isn’t the big piles of presents under the Christmas tree that they will remember.  It’s how much you must have loved them to have gone to Wal-Mart at all ever.

*Photo Source: Nina Leen*


The New Yule Log

At first I wasn’t sure if this cat was real – she’s got the big round eyes of a ventriloquist’s doll.  But she is real – due to various genetic anomalies, Lil Bub is a “perma-kitten” – she will stay kitten-sized for life.  And that tongue!!!  (I will find her and make her mine.)  Enjoy an hour of her yule log debut replete with purring, slurping, and snoring – you’ll never watch the Channel 11 yule log again.


Tramp Stamps

Confetti and Red Shoes

I spend a fair amount of time pretending I’m going to get a tattoo.  It’s basically a part-time job – I research designs, I bookmark tattoo parlors, and I keep an eye peeled for lines of poetry that resonate with me.

One of my favorite poets (ok, ok, the only one I actually know) is E.E. Cummings, and I love his poem, “I Carry Your Heart” – specifically, the line:

i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart).

I’ve thought about having that tattooed near my ribcage, but then I remember I’m not Rihanna.  Also I’m not that comfortable with the fact that I first heard the poem in a Cameron Diaz movie.

Also, I’m a good girl from the Midwest whose mom taught her that tattoos were naughty.  (I so want to be baaaad.)  Do you have any tattoos?  Have you ever regretted it?  (Chinese tramp stamp from college, perhaps?)

Would love your ideas – am trying to work up the courage!

*Photo Source: Flickr*


12 Days of Giving

Give a Gift That Counts

We’re on the final countdown to Christmas, so – if you haven’t already – it’s a good time to start thinking about whether you might like to donate this holiday season.  I know many of you volunteer at food banks, collect coats for the homeless, and purchase toys for children – and I love that!  But on the off-chance you’re still looking for ways to do something for others, it couldn’t be easier than with Google’s Twelve Days of Giving.  Click here to visit their Twelve Days of Giving website to make quick and easy donations to a great variety of organizations that need your support – Google reveals one organization a day for 12 days with easy access to information about the charity and what your cold hard cash will do.

And if you’d like to up your charitable giving throughout the year, check out the One Today app by Google, as well!

Also, if you’d like to donate a fruitcake to me, well, don’t.

Ready, Set, Go (best synth ever):

*Photo Source: thinkspace*


It’s For the Birds!

Airbnb Bird House 10

I have always loved miniature things – like the little cassette tapes that go in old answering machines and burger sliders.  I didn’t know until today that I also like …READ MORE!


A City Bike

City Bike

Coolest.  Bike.  Wheel.  Ever.  It doesn’t even matter that you couldn’t ride with this wheel because I don’t believe in exercise or sweating.

More pics of the wheel design on Behance here!


Santa(con) is Coming To Town


One of my favorite days of the year is coming up this weekend …MORE AFTER THE JUMP!


The Big White Elephant in the Room

Donut Seeds

If, like me, you’ve got a White Elephant party coming up at work and are feeling intimidated by the spending ceiling (for ours, it’s $20), check out these two gift ideas lists (this one is marginally classier than this one, which is mostly funny).  Help me decide – which are your faves?!

Don’t know the White Elephant rules?  Here you go!

Let the stealing begin!


Secret Santas

I don’t even care if this is a plug for the evil airline empire!  It’s also a plug for kindness and generosity (everything is better in Canada).  I dare you to watch without sniffling as Canadian airline, WestJet, plays Santa to an entire flight of unsuspecting passengers in what is, by far, the most moving holiday video I’ve seen this year.

See more about this awesome Christmas miracle (including a Santa blooper reel – who doesn’t love blooper reels?) at Mashable!

Are you planning on playing any Christmas surprises this year?  My mom used to like going to her local department stores and anonymously paying for people’s layaway purchases on Christmas Eve.  She figured that if they hadn’t picked them up by Christmas Eve, they’d probably decided they couldn’t afford them and would be extra surprised to get a call from the department store that they were paid in full by a secret Santa.  That might just be one of my favorite things she ever did.