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What Are You Packing?


I made a crucial mistake when planning to travel abroad for a year. FIND OUT WHAT – AFTER THE JUMP!


Favorite Books

Mini Books

If you asked me what my favorite book is, I’d tell you …find out after the jump!


Is it Stealing?

Hotel Soap

Anyone who’s been backpacking knows that your bag is always heavier on the return-trip after being stuffed with cheap cigarettes and tacky souvenirs for coworkers you don’t really like. I’ve long-since given up on the tacky souvenirs (which just end up at the back of bookshelves anyway). I now opt for a different kind of souvenir– the kind you don’t generally pay for… See what we mean…after the jump!


Cinco de Life


It’s Cinco de Mayo, amigos!  Put down your breakfast margaritas and celebrate with us all of the great things that come in fives.  We give to you – the Cinco de Life… More after the jump!


The Sound of Happiness

Retro Cassette Tapes

Do you have a favorite sound?  Something that just makes you happy?  Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved the sound of men’s dress shoes clacking on a gritty sidewalk.  And the sound of turning thin dictionary pages.

Today, I add to that list, the sound of 16 baby goat hooves on a living room floor.  Check out this video from farmer Nadia Jarreau – I guarantee you will watch it at least 300 times.  (My favorite is the speedy goat who races across the screen at the 5-second mark.)

…the video and my top ten happiest sounds – after the jump!


Making Memories

Children Playing in 1909 New York City

Been seeing this idea floating around the internet this week, and I really love it.  (Also it doesn’t just work for people with children.  I think it’d be a cute way to document a romance that might be getting serious or a great friendship you want to memorialize.  I am trusting you with this idea because you’re not the stalkery type.  You don’t have a shrine to Mila Kunis in your closet…right?)

So here’s the idea: …AFTER THE JUMP!



This week’s Moment of Zen – my favorite scene from Dead Poets Society and another reminder how special the work of teachers is. (And how much cuter Ethan Hawke is now than he was in 1989.)

I dream of being able to …TO BE CONTINUED…(AFTER THE JUMP!)


Squeezing Melons

Love You Banner

Ever since middle school when we could buy carnations and have them delivered during homeroom to our paramours, I’ve kind of loved Valentine’s Day.   A gift of carnations (even in those ungodly, unnatural hues they seem to come in) says “you are JUST sexually desirable enough that a man may some day take you for a steak dinner.”

This year I might go to the grocery store on Thursday to fondle some melons and see if that spikes the interest of any single guys on the prowl at Key Foods.

What are you planning to do?  Get drunk and call your exes?

(Photo Source: Be Crafty)


Jedi Tricks

Superhero Workout 2

Do you need to work out?  (Yes.  The answer is yes.  Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday and everything you ate was either covered in, dunked in, or made of CHEESE.)

Fitness guru Neila Rey knows how hard it is to keep your fitness routine from growing stale, so she publishes a new workout regimen on her website every week.  The fun part?  The programs require no equipment and are based on your favorite superheroes – so you can get the body of Batman, Wolverine, or The Avenger.  (My tip to you – the Storm Trooper workout looks pretty easy.  Probably why Storm Troopers never actually hit their targets.)

Check out a few of my favorite routines AFTER THE JUMP!


The Little Engine That Could

Little Train That Could

Many of us were raised on the timeworn wisdom of The Little Engine That Could.  And even long after we’ve grown out of our diapers and into our grown-up clothes, we still invoke that little engine’s mantra – “I think I can, I think I can” – when life hands us lemons.  It’s always relevant, yet sweetly nostalgic.

Just like the story of Steve, who …FIND OUT AFTER THE JUMP!