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Making an Entrance

Just Married

I’ve never even done karaoke, and this bride sang her own damn wedding entrance.  I am so impressed by her calm nerves – that took guts (and possibly a lot of Imodium A-D).

I don’t know the Carrie Underwood original, but I think she does a fine job herself.  I highly doubt Britney Spears could give a live performance this decent, and she got her own Vegas residency. Check it out AFTER THE JUMP!


Stormtrooper Style

Hi, All! Hope you had a great weekend!

I’m heading back to NYC this morning after a whirlwind weekend in Chicago with my sister’s family during which I:

*watched in horror/laughter as my 6 year-old nephew stuffed an entire …READ MORE AFTER THE JUMP!


All I Have to do is Dream

This is my jam this week (if a song by the Everly Brothers can be considered a “jam”).  I’m feeling like a bit of a dreamer lately, so this song is my current anthem.  What’s yours?

(And, oh my lord, the POMADE!  Why can’t I get volume like that.)


The Wrong Direction

I will probably be hunted by a vengeful mob of tweenagers for this one, but this YouTube video of One Direction Without Autotune is so so so so funny.  Maybe it’s something you can only appreciate if you’re over 30 – like yoga pants and fiber – but I’m fine with that.

I made the mistake of watching this inconspicuously during a work meeting – I started laughing into my armpit at 1:06, shoved my fist in my mouth at 2:12, and finally exploded in laughter at 3:13.

(Full Disclaimer: I think the real One Direction song is pretty catchy – just like the aggregate STDs of all boy bands.)


Slow Motion Beatboxing

Happy Monday!  You’ll notice  The Wonderist got a little makeover this weekend!  For the last few months, I’ve been working with Darling Studio (LOVE HER and her work) and a crack team of programmers  to make the look of this blog match the feel of it.  I want it to be fun, inspiring, and energetic – I hope you like it!  Just please bear with us for a teeny while longer, as we’re still ironing out a few kinks (and by “we’re,” I mean people with much bigger brains than mine).

And, speaking of brains, if yours is moving a little slowly this Monday morning, you might enjoy this awesome video of beatboxing in slow motion.  I’m not sure whether I like the flapping lips (cue :44) or this guy’s totally cliché accent more.  Fair warning, you are going to hear the phrase “vagina of a brontosaurs” in this video.  God, I love Europeans.

(via Neatorama)


What Does the Spleen Do?

I am totally preoccupied with the fact that something is wrong with my Netflix, and I can’t get any episodes of Dexter to play.  It’s been a week, and I’m getting the shakes.

This video is going to have to hold me over until I can watch Michael C. Hall drape a room in plastic sheeting and kill someone.  I don’t know when it happened, but that has become my happy place after a long day of work.

I give you: a parody of “What Does The Fox Say” by the medical students of Harvard.  And I mean, seriously, what DOES the spleen do?  The lyrics had me hugging my gut (is the spleen near there?) all the way to the end.  The doctors of the future sure are a gas.


Making Faces

I don’t know who this guy is or why he’s performing Paganini on his face.  I’m not even sure what kind of drugs a person would have to be on to do this.  But I’m digging his big blue eyes (1:53 is the exact moment you will become helpless against them) and wondering if I could find his phone number to invite him over for charades.


Christmas Caroling

I know it’s only Tuesday, but I’m a gambling woman (not really), and I’m willing to bet the house (I don’t own one) that I’m not going to find anything funnier than this video this week.

So, ladies and gents, I give you this week’s Ha-Ha Moment of the Week.

Billy Eichner and Amy Poehler go Christmas caroling around NYC.  Amy is at turns sweet, then aggressive, then sweet again.  And Billy is outrageous as usual.

Does anyone in NYC actually go Christmas caroling?  If so, can I come???  I’m usually the one moving her mouth but not making any sounds.


Silent Monks Singing Hallelujah

You’d think I just discovered the internet 5 minutes ago because I have never seen this video when 12 million of you have.  I am posting it anyway in the feeble hopes that one of you is a shut-in like I am and hasn’t seen it yet.

Behold – Hallelujah as “sung” by silent monks – genius!


Magic Piano

Well, shoot.  Amtrak is giving WestJet a run for its merrymaking money!  Chicago commuters traveling through Union Station this holiday season will be surprised by a magic piano that comes to life with a playful (and mischievous) repertoire as people walk by.  I love the musicians who break out their instruments to play along, though the little girl playing Chopsticks with her invisible duet partner was pretty darn cute, too.  (Oh, and business guy who yelled at the piano?  You need to do some serious soul-searching.)

(The piano was being played from a control room by Andrew Blendermann, but that doesn’t make this any less magical.)