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Country Music Confessions

Cowboy Boots

You know that here at The Wonderist we’re all about good storytelling that hits you right in the feels, yeah?  So this is why I need to talk to you about your tight blue jeans… MORE AFTER THE JUMP AND OUR COUNTRY MUSIC PLAYLIST!


Hipster Tell-All

Girl Dancing

I am super fantastic at making up hipster band names on the spot. I just showed it off at a party this past weekend, and people clapped (a LOT of people).  How does one make up an HBN, you ask?

First, you must be surrounded by hipsters who demand to know what you’re listening to. (The Beatles is simply not going to cut it. Did you just say Maroon 5??????) .  Panic will guide you.  Exhibit A: AFTER THE JUMP!


Just Say Yes!


When my mom invited me to a drum circle, hosted by her 92 year-old friend, I had a moment of revelation.

This revelation involved the ThighMaster…MORE after the jump!


What’s In a Name?


So you’ve always wanted to be on Broadway (just like half the restaurant staff in New York City).  Maybe you played the lead in Guys and Dolls in high school, or maybe you’ve only ever had the guts to sing into your hairbrush. Either way, if you dream of making it big on the Great White Way, there’s one golden rule for auditioning: answer to whatever name they call you.  If your name is Howard and they call you Billy, your new name is Billy.

Years ago, when my only aspiration was to see my name in lights, I auditioned for RENT. To say I was excited would be an understatement – I was over the moon (get it Rentheads?). I had prepared “Take Me or Leave Me” as my audition piece and planned to blow the last few hairs off the Casting Director’s head. Only I never even got to the opening note.  Find out what happened – after the jump!


Swing from the Chandelier


Happy Monday!  Wanted to share with you a song I am loving right now.  This oughta be enough to get you out of bed on this Monday morning (leotard and wig not required).

The video reminds me of how – as kids – we played pretend all the time.  We were astronauts, pop stars, and doctors.  Ballerinas, athletes, and explorers.  We’d go whole hog into character, healing friends with toy stethoscopes and taking slow, giant steps on the moon – with so much conviction that one day it wouldn’t be pretend anymore, it’d be real.

I think Sia’s new video does a beautiful job capturing all that energy and hope.  And, besides, us grown-ups would all benefit from a little pretend now and then.

Have a great week, my astronauts.  Let’s swing from the chandeliers, shall we? My Monday anthem after the jump!


Friday, I’m in Love

Friday in Love

Friday’s here and not a second too soon!  I hope you all have a great weekend – may this classic from The Cure be just the beginning of your weekend shenanigans.  Let there be lots of eyeliner and hairspray in your immediate future!


Coming to America

Australian in America

Sometimes you can’t control the future.  Sometimes the smallest experiences influence you just beneath the surface in ways you could never imagine. Sometimes you fall in love with something so far from home that you become a lily white, hip-hop loving ginger from Australia living in New York City. Read how hip-hop brought one unlikely girl to America – after the jump!


The Best Break-up Playlist

The History of Men Moving On

It’s springtime, folks, and that means the end of cuffing season! Time to ditch the paramours who refused to commit this winter for the promise of fresh summer flings. Only you can decide whether to approach this new season of opportunity with giddy optimism or over a gallon of ice cream.

The one thing we know for sure is that CDZA’s “History of Men Moving On” is the perfect soundtrack for cutting ties this spring.  CHECK IT OUT AFTER THE JUMP!


Extraordinary Girl Nails National Anthem

This video of Marlana VanHoose NAILING the National Anthem back in 2012 has recently resurfaced on social media.  That’s because it’s no ordinary performance – she has such a clear, emotional voice – it gives me goosebumps.  Oh and did I mention she’s blind, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a toddler, and has never had a lesson?

Her outlook on life is inspiring – she says “god taught” her how to play and she does it to help people who might be lost. And I love the Ray Charles swagger she’s got going on.


I’m Yours

This week’s Ha-Ha Moment is this adorable kid singing I’m Yours by Jason Mraz.  He might not know any of the words, but what he doesn’t know, he communicates with his face and his tongue.  Gene Simmons better sleep with one eye open.

And here’s the real song, if you don’t already know it – a sweet midweek jam: