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Summer Lovin’

Summer Lovin

It’s June. Which means summer is nigh, and soon kids will be out of school having all the fun. Seriously. They have ALL.THE.FUN . – running around barefoot, rubbing their freedom in your face, while you have to go to work to pay the bills.

But, in your darkest hour of despair, keep this one thing in mind: there are still things only adults can do during the summer.  Neener neener neener.

Here are 10 ways to enjoy summer as an adult: Continue reading


Adult Swim

Vintage Swim Photo

“Adult swim!”

Ugh, those were the worst two words of my childhood.  It was the time when …MORE AFTER THE BREAK ABOUT WHY THE ADULT SWIM SHOULD BE THE EVENT OF THE SUMMER!


Take Me Out to the Ball Game

A League of Their Own

What’s more American than baseball?  Apple pie, stone-washed jeans, and maybe Tammy Faye Baker – but I love baseball the most.  FIND OUT WHY – AFTER THE JUMP!


Friday, I’m in Love

Friday in Love

Friday’s here and not a second too soon!  I hope you all have a great weekend – may this classic from The Cure be just the beginning of your weekend shenanigans.  Let there be lots of eyeliner and hairspray in your immediate future!


How to Get That Internship


Beyonce Dancing

Summer is fast approaching and your schedule is looking a bit…well, empty.  Freedom feels SO good, but it can also feel a bit… …More – after the jump!


Cinco de Life


It’s Cinco de Mayo, amigos!  Put down your breakfast margaritas and celebrate with us all of the great things that come in fives.  We give to you – the Cinco de Life… More after the jump!


Cat Café


Yesterday morning, I found myself in an unlikely stand-off…at a cat café. Check out my dispatch from the front lines…after the jump!



Carnival of Venice, Italy 2012

Happy Fat Tuesday!  I’ve never really known much about Mardi Gras beyond the boobs, booze, and Zulu coconuts, but I do love a good reason to play dress-up!

Because this is a family show here on The Wonderist, I thought I’d get in the carnival mood and share some photos of – quite possibly – the classiest party of all time, the Carnival of Venice.

The elaborate masks became very popular in the 1700s – a time of decadence and “erotic revelry” in Italy.  (Sound a little Eyes Wide Shut, anyone?!)  But more importantly, they celebrate with something called Pancake Day.  I’m emigrating.

If masks freak you out, do what I’m doing and pretend they’re all David Bowie. Check out the stunning costumes after the jump!


Figure Skating Freeze-Frame

Figure Skating Faces 1

So I haven’t watched any Olympic coverage this year.  I’m not sure why I’m so apathetic – could be the fact that I’m having trouble staying up passed 9pm lately.  (I’ve also been eating cereal perched over the sink for dinner.  I’ve officially become my parents.)

So thank goodness the internet served up this priceless piece of photojournalism on Sunday: the faces of Olympic figure skaters in mid-routine.  Check out a few of my favorite photos …AFTER THE JUMP!


Squeezing Melons

Love You Banner

Ever since middle school when we could buy carnations and have them delivered during homeroom to our paramours, I’ve kind of loved Valentine’s Day.   A gift of carnations (even in those ungodly, unnatural hues they seem to come in) says “you are JUST sexually desirable enough that a man may some day take you for a steak dinner.”

This year I might go to the grocery store on Thursday to fondle some melons and see if that spikes the interest of any single guys on the prowl at Key Foods.

What are you planning to do?  Get drunk and call your exes?

(Photo Source: Be Crafty)