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The Sapeurs


Let’s ignore for a minute that I’m about to show you a Guinness commercial because that is totally secondary to the fact that the group of men in it are the flyest cats in the Congo.

Meet the “Sapeurs” of the Congo – a society of elegantly dressed men whose philosophy is to “defy circumstance and live with joie de vivre.”  For them, the clothes are about peace and respect; about style, not fashion; about changing the stereotypes of Africa.  As one Sapeur put it, “You colonized us, but we dress better than you.”  SNAPPPP!

They wear pastel suits, kilts, fedoras – whatever keeps them looking sharp and loving life. I love the flair, the elegance, and the subtle rebellion against politics in a country that once banned Western clothing.

Check out the video after the jump – it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face!


Land Art

Simon Beck 4

We are having the best blizzard today – it’s those big, juicy flakes that are just perfect for snowball fights.  Oddly NYers don’t exactly appreciate being pelted in the face by wide-eyed strangers.  I have to admit, I do go a little bit foamy around the mouth when it snows.

Walking to work was a bit of a challenge sans snow shoes, but it did make me think of snow artist Simon Beck who creates these elaborate patterns in the snow in France.

The “land art” movement started in the 60s and gives artists a way to interact with nature while also being a pretty convenient cover for smoking pot in the woods.

I particularly love the snowball installation that seems to capture snowballs in flight by Cornelia Konrads – check it out with others …AFTER THE JUMP!


If You Are in a Shell

Harry Shum Jr

This is hands-down the most beautiful video I’ve ever seen about shyness and bullying.  Glee star, Harry Shum, Jr., choreographed this incredible piece about his own struggles with both, and it’s so deeply moving.

I love how it blends the storytelling, the positive message, and the art together – if you’ve got a shy child at home, they might really love it.  Please check out this important work AFTER THE JUMP!


An Ordinary Life

Life Magazine Logo

I know there are a million and one theories about what makes a happy person happy.  For me, personally, I think it has a lot to do with the ability to find satisfaction in the ordinary that frees up my brain  to dream beyond it.  So much of what I find wonderful about life is pretty pedestrian – like I get really, really excited about …find out AFTER THE JUMP!


What’s Your Sign?


So at work the other day, we were all comparing Zodiac signs.  That’s what you do when you sit in a room with new people you know you have to get along with for the indeterminate future.  You find ways to make your astrological signs compatible and then create inside jokes about it to make everyone else feel excluded.

It reminded me of these Zodiac illustrations from Emily Forgot I saw recently.  I’m a Cancer, which is easily the WORST SIGN EVER.  And my symbol – the crab – might as well be a billboard that says, “Hey, make fun of me for being in a bad mood or having an itchy crotch.”  It’s a testament to Forgot’s talent that she actually made me love the Cancer illustration.  In fact, I think all of these would make great prints to cover an office wall.  See the other 11 Zodiac illustrations …AFTER THE JUMP!


My Top Models

fashion (4477) Animated Gif on Giphy

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2014 runway shows start today!  This means very little to pretty much the entire world.  As far as I’m concerned, unless Miss Piggy, Zoolander, or David Gandy are modeling the clothes, I can’t be bothered.  (Fly, David, fly – on your wings made of flannel blankets.)

zoolander (225) Animated Gif on Giphy



The Zen Photographer

Adam Magyar

After 4 trains and a walk through shin-deep slush yesterday, I got to work with soggy feet and terrible hair. Things started looking up, however, when one of my coworkers came back from lunch with a 6-pack of fresh men’s socks to share.  You’d think I’d been stranded in the wilderness for decades the way I talked about those fresh socks all afternoon.  They were so WHITE.  And so PLUSH.  Ladies, women’s socks are a scam – it was like wearing a sheep on my feet.

But back to commuting.  People are calling this artist the man who hacked time for his stunning work on underground trains. See why after the jump!



What Would Beyonce Do

BAM.  New office art.

Etsy, you make my dreams come true.


They are Among Us


I’ve talked about Humans of New York here on the blog before – I really love what photographer, Brandon Stanton is doing with this project. Its popularity is a testament to how much we really need connection with other people, I think.

We all scroll through our social network feeds looking for those stories of people doing good things, people who need our help, people finding unlikely success despite all the odds.  And yet we feel distant from the experiences of those people in their far away cities, which is precisely why HONY is such a smart project.  It’s a gentle reminder that those people are walking among us every day – they’re working hard, they’re nursing broken hearts, they’re dreaming big – and they’re worth noticing.

It is a true pleasure to watch this video of Brandon in action – hearing him talk about how he got started and how he uses positivity to get people to open up in front of his lens – and to add him to our WonderList.



Being Uncool

I think many of us were stunned by how deeply affecting Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death was yesterday – after all, it’s not like we actually knew him.  I did see him a few times in NYC and could never quite comprehend the man that stood before me, slightly pot-bellied and smoking a cig on the street corner.   His talent was so celestial – it must have been difficult to be human, I usually thought.  But instead of being sad, I am thankful for every person and every moment that nurtured him in a way that allowed him to give so much of himself to his audience before he returned to his ethereal home.

Enjoy this short clip from his role in one of my favorite movies, Almost Famous.  He talks about friendship and how “the only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool.”

Thank you for being “honest” and “unmerciful” with your craft, PSH.  Wishing you peace and an afterlife full of great film roles.