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I see fields of green…(name that song)…

Photo Source: Flickr

SAN FRANCISCO (Photo Source: Flickr)

Ah, home sweet 400 square foot home.  After being propositioned in the Atlanta airport and then mistaken for Miss Chattanooga by a foot fetishist (maybe she, too, has embarrassing thumb-toes), it’s good to be back in NYC where all the weirdest things usually happen to tourists.

So I’m curious – do you snap photos from the airplane window seat when you fly? The idea of flying is just so absurd to my little brain (I mean have you ever REALLY thought about how you’re essentially just sitting in a floating chair?), but the views can be pretty fantastic. I don’t expect to catch Dorothy and Toto flying by my window, but it does give me something to focus on other than the fear-sweat in my palms (who needs a beverage cart – my hands are like faucets).  SLR or iPhone in-hand, I’m always poised and ready for a good shot.

Turns out I’m not alone. I did a little sleuthing and found several pages like this and this dedicated to the best window seat photography (thank you, Internet) – check them out for an amazing snapshot of how diverse and beautiful our planet is.

My fave pics and top 5 tips for shooting great window seat photos after the jump!


Sushi Cats

Sushi Cat

There is virtually no reason this should exist, except that it does.  I don’t typically go in for cat memes, but this one is just so silly that I am spellbound.  My brain is trying to understand – Photos of Cats + Sushi Rice = Sushi Cats?  Someone should probably call PETA.

“Sushi Cats” are brought to you by Japanese advertising company Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts, which sells the prints on its website. If, like me, you’re searching for any possible distraction from your mounting flight anxiety, watch this video about the mythological cats and their magical powers.  Then throw away your rabbit foot keychain and get a sushi cat for good luck.

Is the sushi cat the new unicorn?  This could be the question that defines our generation.

In the meantime, I’m hopping on a plane to see my mom this morning.  Please God, let this absurdity not be the last thing I ever post.

*All Photos from Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts*

Click here for more sushi cats – sushi cats with knitting needles (because why not?) and sushi cats playing ping pong (duh!).


The Magic of Movies

Photo Source: J.R. Eyerman in 1952

Good morning!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend!  I finished re-reading “The Great Gatsby,” (brushing up before I see the movie) – I can’t wait for the costumes, the music, and the scenery!  The only other things that get me this excited are carbohydrates and sweatpants. 

I’ve been going to the movies since I was little; I worked in a movie theater in high school; and then, well, I became a filmmaker. There were several detours in between (I was a particularly bad secretary once) – but the one constant has been movies. For me, film is sanctuary, prozac, muse, palate cleanser, and eye candy.  (And piggy bank breaker.)  When the lights are dimmed, when the audience grows still, and when the projector casts a faint glow on the backs of the heads in front of you – it’s just one of those rare moments when a roomful of strangers is suspended inside of a moment together.  As someone who often sees movies alone, I think there’s something really beautiful about that shared inhale.  Then for 90 minutes, we laugh, cry or hide in our friends’ sleeves – drawn in, held, and then released – together.  I don’t know what else to call that but magic.

Here are some great quotes about the magic of movies from some of the world’s favorite filmmakers!


A Wonderland Tribute by Kirsty Mitchell

Wonderland 'Gaia's Promise'

All Photos in This Post – © Kirsty Mitchell Photography Ltd.

Good morning, Wonderists!

Today I want to share with you the work of Kirsty Mitchell, a UK photographer, who spent the last 4 years memorializing her mother in a photography series called “Wonderland.”  I first read about her in this Daily Mail article last week and have been fawning over her luscious photos since.  Mitchell’s mother was an English teacher who inspired many with her gift for storytelling, but who lost her battle with cancer in 2008.  Lost inside her grief after her mother’s death, Mitchell retreated behind her lens and into a world of fantasy.   What began as just a few photos is now 75 – a complete journey through the four seasons and the fragments of fairytales her mother read to her as a child.  There were no stylists, designers, and no professional support; Mitchell created every costume, sourced every prop, and found every location on her own – she “begged and borrowed the rest.”

The photos are so otherworldly that READ MORE (believe me, you don’t want to miss this)!


Picture This: The Happy Show

Photo Source: Stefan Sagmeister

Photo Source: Stefan Sagmeister

Hello!  I hope you had a great weekend!  I did 41 lbs. of laundry – an Olympic sport when you live in a 4th-floor walk-up.

Well, it’s Monday folks, so let’s try to kickstart the week properly (read = one of these links will contain nudity – happy hunting!).

Stefan Sagmeister is an Austrian-born, NYC-based graphic designer with a mega-hip following – he’s designed album covers for Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones, and The Talking Heads, among other projects for HBO and the Guggenheim Museum.  Basically, he’s one cool dude.

On display at the Museum of Contemporary Art in LA, his current project, “The Happy Show,” works with several personal themes of happiness (what it is, how we get it, how we keep ourselves from feeling it), and is filled with interesting statistics, cheeky typography, and lots of interactivity (one installation asks viewers to climb to the top of the museum stairwell and sing their favorite pop songs as loudly as possible – one brave soul wrote, “Yes, I did it. Got weird looks but I did it. It was great.”).

Stefan was motivated by the question of whether we can train our minds to be happy the way we train our bodies to run.  What do you think – can we?  How would you do it?  I would start with lots and lots of these.

One part of the exhibit asks museum-goers to draw their symbols of happiness on slips of paper (no smiley faces allowed) – you can see selections made by Sagmeister and his colleagues on Flickr.

Sagmeister has also issued lots of questions to his followers via twitter:

What is the happiest word? (My Answer: Cozy)
What would you do if you had a year off? (My Answer: Explore)
What food makes you happy? (My Answer: Sugar)
What have you done to make someone else unexpectedly happy? (My Answer: A lady doesn’t kiss and tell.)

Here are more great looks at the exhibit, as well as some of the really eye-catching work he does as a designer, and a link to his TedTalk: 7 rules For Making More Happiness.



Picture This: A Brown Bag Lunch Never Looked So Good


Someone get this guy a Father of the Year award.  Graphic designer David LaFierrere draws on his kids’ sandwich bags every day – over 1100 ziplocs since 2008 – and posts the photos to Flickr.  Not one to crack under pressure, he doesn’t apply the artwork until AFTER he’s made the sandwich.  And to think I can’t even make a decent smiley face with ketchup (admit it, you’ve done this), and this guy’s making a Sharpie masterpiece every day.  What a show-off.  Take a look-see at his other sandwich bags here!  Parents, you’ve been put on notice – time to step up your brown bag game.

I’m on a bit of a sandwich kick myself of late, but I knew I’d come to a fork in the road this weekend when I found myself eyeing the bologna at the grocery store.  I backed away slowly and reminded myself that I could do better than that, and so it is that I went in search of sandwich inspiration.  Here is what I found (PS – Pinterest, how do you know me so well – it’s freaking me out.):

20 Epic Sandwiches to Eat Before You Die (most dramatic statement about sandwiches ever)

30 Sandwiches to Love (this is an actual sandwich list, not a site for fetishists)

Coast-to-Coast: The Best Sandwiches

Pinterest Sandwich Inspiration (Because, as it turns out, there are some REAL fanatics out there who actually post things about sandwiches.  Weirdos.  Oh.  Wait.)

Someone ask me over for trivia night.  I will be an ACE at all the sandwich questions.

Did you know the PB&J is only the third most popular sandwich in America?  Can you guess the first two?  Or did you know that the most expensive sandwich ever sold was $28,000?  Because, you know, who needs to pay rent.  And can you believe the sandwich is 2,000 years old?  So is some of the food in my refrigerator.  Wanna know how the reuben got its name and why we have Walt Disney to thank for Mickey Mouse AND the Monte Cristo (my favorite sandwich)?

Okay, I’ve clearly fallen down the rabbit hole on this post.  What’s your favorite sandwich?  I need help.


The Coloring Book: Mondays…


Photo Source: Cerise Doucede

Good morning, Wonderists!  I hope you had a great weekend!  I spent mine rediscovering the series “The West Wing” (and, incidentally, my college crush on Josh Lyman…er…Bradley Whitford).  If we’re going to talk facts and figures (and Aaron Sorkin would want me to, I assure you), I cried 4 times in the first 7 episodes my 2nd time around – a record matched only by the Izzie/Denny season of Grey’s Anatomy.  (I’m embarrassing myself here, aren’t I?)

After spending most of Sunday swimming in political dialogue as relevant in 2013 as it was in 1999, I’m feeling a bit at sea this morning.  I’d say, this photo of a woman lost in thought just about sums up my current attention deficit.

One in a series of photos meant to capture her subjects in the act of daydreaming, desiring and doubting (I did all three before breakfast), the French artist (tender-aged, 20-something Cerise Doucede), beautifully suspends everyday realities on the verge of fantasy – on strings, but as if in amber.

Here is another of my favorites – this one has a particular Monday vibe, don’t you think?

Tell me – what would your favorite suspended reality be?

And check out more great photos after the jump!


The Coloring Book: Playing with Your Food


Photo Source: Instagram @redhongyi

Well, this gives all-new meaning to the idea of “playing with your food.”  Malaysian artist Hong Yi finished her “Creativity with Food” series on April 7th after a month of posting a photo a day in which she transformed common foods into anything-but-common art.  Hong Yi, who goes by the nickname Red, is an artist-architect who likes to paint but “not with a paintbrush,” she says, often opting for less conventional mediums, like coffee cup stains, basketballs, and sunflower seeds for her projects.  After a recent trip to the US, she made this portrait of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg out of carved books.

The blog designboom recently sat down with Red to talk about her work.  When asked about her influences, Red quoted Picasso – “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”  Ain’t that the truth.  Red strives to find fun in the ordinary…and this time, found it in her kitchen!

I highly recommend checking out the full “Creativity with Food” series on Red’s instagram page.  I think the Eggplant Circus and the Giant Squid Attack are genius, and I’ll never look at my leftovers the same way.

How do YOU get creative with food?

(The Coloring Book is a regular feature that aims to highlight cool things happening in the visual arts community.)