So what is a Wonderist? Wonderists are people who drink Shirley Temples in classy restaurants.  We wear polka dot underwear and can be seen laughing inconspicuously just about anywhere.  We have closets brimming with junk because we are collectors of life.  Many of us like to give bear hugs, though some prefer handwritten letters.  Wonderists love to travel – if even from an armchair – and eat until we have to take our pants off.  We plan on having nine lives filled with curiosity and adventure.  We are an army of believers in goodness and creativity.  Some of us are shy and some of us are total animals, but we share one very important thing in common:

We want to be inspired.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, you are a Wonderist.  Welcome to the clubhouse!  The Wonderist is your online destination for life coaching and feel-good content because the world needs more goosebumps!

A Little About Me:

My name is Tanya (thinking about changing it to something that would make me sound taller).  I’m a life coach by day and a serial hobbyist by night. Born and raised in an idyllic Wisconsin farm town, I have never ridden (nor tipped) a cow. In high school, I traveled a lot – living in Hungary, Costa Rica, and Germany before I was 17 gave me the lifelong travel bug (which I have yet to reconcile with my robust fear of flying).  In 2003, I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and moved to Washington, DC. where I worked in public broadcasting on children’s educational programming. In 2005, I went on assignment with the Sesame Street puppeteers through the Katrina-ravaged Gulf Coast and decided I wanted to be out there in the field making things that mattered all of the time. So in 2007, I moved to New York City where I began producing for clients like The History Channel, A&E, Animal Planet, Food Network, SoapNet, and National Geographic. As a Brooklyn gal, I did things like eat street meat and wish I had a backyard.

While I’ll always be a documentarian at heart, I am also trained as a life coach via Martha Beck’s Life Coach Training program (you may know her as one of Oprah’s gurus).  I now travel the country and try to serve as many people as I can with my signature life coaching programs (and loud laugh)!