The Perfect Fit

The Perfect Fit

So Saturday I left the house with my jeans on backwards.  Unintentionally. It wasn’t until hours later when I attempted to slide my phone into my back pocket did I realize that…wait…where ARE my back pockets?  Cue: mortification as I patted disbelievingly down the front of my pants.

I had just walked into the hair salon when my stylist rushed up to me and said, “Oh my gawd, backward pants!  That is SUCH a trend right now!”  I thanked her for giving me a free pass on the obvious gaffe, but she insisted it was true, and motioned me to the shampoo chair with nary a sideways glance.

As I walked home, shaking my head at my own obliviousness (more than once I’ve left the house wearing two different shoes), I got to thinking how lucky we are to be living at a time when singularity is king.  When it very literally pays to separate yourself from the pack.  In 2014, backwards is actually the perfect fit.

So get out there this week – pants or no pants (even better) – and give the world the one thing it can’t mass-produce – YOU!


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