What a Betty!

Betty White 4

Over the weekend, I was poking around on the internet and stumbled across this gorgeous lady.  I had no idea who she was, and when I found out, I couldn’t believe that she hasn’t gotten more attention for her stunning good looks.

Have you guessed who it is?

It’s Betty White!  Oh, how I love this woman.  I hope I grow up to be just like her – basically so that when I’m 92, I can solicitously eat hot dogs on the red carpet and grab Sandra Bullock’s boobs.

The secret to her longevity?  Red vines and french fries, she says.  I suspect laughter has something to do with it, too.  (Also I have a sneaking suspicion that people with dimples are just better at life.)

So, my friends – go out there and slam-dunk this week with the good humor and tireless energy of this woman.  She’s been in the game for a long time and shows no sign of slowing down!

Betty White 9

Betty White Entertainment News - December 03, 2009

Betty White 8

Betty White Entertainment News - December 03, 2009

Betty White 3

Betty White 2

Betty White

Betty White 7


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